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Manuals Source
Instruction Manual Team Losi
Car introduction
Exploded View& Price List
Building & tuning the TripleX-CR Helger Racing
Blank Setup Sheet
CR Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Standard Setup
CR Non Typical Losi Setup RC Tech
Phil Sleigh CR Basic Setup - UK Grass/Astroturf high grip style tracks. York at the Indoor Finals. Tiverton's dirt track with oil modification Oople
Magic Setup (B4 steering, Triple X rough track handling) RC Tech
Tom Cockerill - Grass Track setup Oople
Jesse Robbers Standard Setup Losi BK2
Danny McGee - Rough Low Traction Track Oople
Brian Preddy Brian Preddy
Matt Chambers - Basic Setup RC Tech
Darrell - Rutted Track RC Tech
Carl Maignien - Base Setup C. Maignien
Darrell Armstrong - Standard Setup D.Armstrong
Darrell Armstrong - XXX-CR to B4 Conversion RC Tech
Darrell Armstrong - XXX-CR2 to RB5 Conversion RC Tech
Jazz - XXX to B4-RB5 Conversion RC Tech
Martin Sorlie - General Starting Setup RC Tech
Frank Root - Base Setup RC Tech

Astroturf Driver Event- Place (Layout) Composition Traction Surface Source
27.06.2009 MattiasForsberg Nordic Champs- Green Hill Astroturf High Rough Oople
09/09/2007 WouterWynen BNK6Charleroi Astroturf
09/09/2007 BrianPreddy AstroturfTracks Astroturf Oople
07/07/2007 WouterWynen GP Kampenhout Astroturf
21/05/2007 MatthewLatham Regional- Bury Metro Astroturf Hobbytec
01/05/2007 MatthewLatham BuryMetro Astroturf- Dry Hobbytec
29/04/2007 WouterWynen BNK2Arendonk Astroturf


Coventry Astroturf Oople
20/08/2006 PaulRotherman
Regional- Bury (JPG) (Outdoor,Tight Wet to start) Astroturf Medium Rought Oople
2006 RichardTaylor BuryMetro Astroturf HelgerRacing
2006 BrianPreddy Astroturf HelgerRacing
27/12/2006 JesseRobers IndoorTrack (Tight) HardPacked, Blue Groove Low Smooth RCCars
20/11/2006 TomasGonzalez AshtabulaIndoor HardPacked, Blue Groove Smooth RCCars
14/08/2006 MatthewLatham EuroChamps 2006 Bluegroove Hobbytec
08/07/2006 TravisAmezcua HotRod Hobbies (Indoor Open) HardPacked, Blue Groove High Smooth RCCars
Aug 2010 Mike Truhe ROAR Nationals Hard packed Clay Medium TLR
29.08.2010 FrankRoot Surf CityClassic Hardpacked Clay High RCTech
22.08.2010 FrankRoot ROARNationals Hardpacked Clay High RCTech
E-Dog Hardpacked Medium-High TeamLosi
Casper OCRC Raceway TeamLosi
23-24.01.2010 LeighCheeseman Keilor Hardpacked Clay High ExtraRough RCTech
17.01.2010 Dakotah CRCRC Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
2009 Casper OCRC Raceway RC Tech
07/10/2007 JeremyDesmond French Nats -Vic la Gardiole Clay Medium Bumpy PetitRC
02/09/2007 GuillaumeBezirdjoglou French Cup -Dhuizon Clay/Sandy/Dust Bumpy PetitRC
25/07/2007 PhilSleigh 2007 EC -Vaasa, Finland Hardpacked Clay Medium Smooth Oople
08/07/2007 DexterSmith Hardpacked Clay, wet High Smooth RCCars
27/05/2007 WouterWynen BNK3 Vlijmen Clay
19/05/2007 WouterWynen Kongen OffRoad Masters Clay
18/04/2007 MatthewLatham BRCANats - Tiverton Clay Hobbytec
13-14.06.2009 Carl Maignien French Nats - Dammartin Soft Dirt Low Rough Petit RC
16/07/2006 MatthewLatham BRCANats - Oswestry (Outdoor Open) Loosedirt (1/2 hard packed Grass, 1/2 hardpacked Dirt) Smooth Hobbytec
09-10.05.2009 DannyMcGee BRCA Natl -Talywain Grass Rough PetitRC / Oople
09-10.05.2009 CarlMaignien French Natl -Montigny Grass Medium PetitRC
30/09/2007 Wouter Wynen BNK7 Vlijmen Grass
09/01/2008 Lars Johnson High rctech
08.09.2009 Stu Rand FORCC Polished Floor Low S. Rand / Petit RC
22.02.2009 Danny McGee Worksop Oople
17.01.2009 Chris Brooke Petit RC Race Carpet High Smooth Petit RC
Ashley Williams Oople
15/11/2008 Ian Southwell Newbury Medium Oople
28.09.2008 Rob Worksop Sport Hall Oople
Danny McGee Worksop Carpet Oople
01/12/2007 Danny McGee Petit RC Race Carpet Smooth-Bumpy Petit RC
23/04/2007 Matthew Latham Indoors Carpet Hobbytec


Tom Cockerill

York Regional Carpet, indoor floor Oople
14/01/2007 Brian Preddy Kidderminster Oople
07/11/2009 Chris Wolfson Classic RC (Indoor, Tight) Hardpacked Medium Smooth C. Wolfson
03/01/2009 Chris Wolfson McCullough Indoor (Indoor, Tight) Hardpacked High C. Wolfson
21/02/2007 AaronEide Trackside Hobbies (Indoor, Tight, Wet) Hardpacked High Smooth RCCars
11/02/2007 MatthewLatham Worksop-IndoorsRd2s(Indoor,tight) Mediumto High Smooth Hobbytec
07/01/2007 MatthewLatham Worksop-Indoors(Indoor,tight) High Smooth Hobbytec
15/10/2006 BrandonRohde DirtHeaven Hobby Raceway(OutdoorTight Wet) HardPacked Medium Smooth RCCars
08/07/2006 BrandonRohde TracksideHobbies (Indoor Tight) HardPacked Veryvery High Smooth RCCars
06.2009 MattChambers ROAR Nationls Loose, Bumpy M.Chambers / rctech
18/07/2007 Dan Coleman SRSScottsdale Loose,Wet Medium Rough RCCars
02/12/2006 TonyTruman TivertonWinter Series(IndoorOpen) Dusty Smooth HelgerRacing
26/08/2007 Wouter Wynen BNK5 Stokrooie
21.06.2009 W.E.D.Jim FloridaTracks Slippery Low rctech
12.04.2009 Simon Reeves Stotford Low Oople / Petit RC
12.04.2009 Brian Preddy Kidderminster Oople / Petit RC
29.03.2009 BrianPreddy Stotford High Brian Preddy
01.02.2009 Simon Reeves Stotford Oople
29/04/2007 MatthewLatham Southport Hobbytec


Southport Oople
19/11/2006 TonyTruman
WinterSeries - Stotfold HelgerRacing
12/11/2006 TomCockerill BatleyRegional (Indoor) HelgerRacing
OopleRace Report
29/10/2006 TonyTruman TrumanCML-Raceway (OutdoorOpen, Very Wet) Tarmac,Astroturf Low Smooth HelgerRacing
2006 RichardTaylor Preston HelgerRacing
26/07/2006 CarlLatham Batley Grass,Concrete, Dirt,Astroturf Hobbytec

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