- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Phil Sleigh - Southport

This following setup is just an evolution of this one from Coventry.

Small changes
Lowered the front camber link ballstud a couple of washers.
Been running a brass front pivot block since I first started using the setup, which is the same as about 30g of weight.
Also on extra change i've been trying which isn't on that setup is running the rear shock position on 3/Middle

Probably worth saying that that set-up is for UK Grass / Astroturf high grip style tracks. Also worked very well at York at the Indoor Finals. For Tiverton's dirt track I'll be starting with the same set-up but with at least 5wt lighter shock oil all round.


Toe 0
Ride Height Wishbones Level
Camber 1 deg neg.
Caster STD Hubs, See Notes
Sway Bar None
Oil 37.5wt Losi
Piston Drilled 554
Spring Blue
Limiters None
Spindle Location Low
Steering Ackerman Rack
Bump Steer 0
Camber Link 2 / A (1 gold washers)
Shock Location 3 / Middle
VLA Short
Front Wing No
Notes 30g in bulkhead or brass bulkhead 3 gold washers between front pivot and bulkhead on front screws,
reducing kick up to 25deg


Toe-In 3 deg
Pivot Support 0deg block (shimmed to 1deg)
Rear Hub Spacing Middle
Driveshafts/Outdrives Steel Dogbones/Steel Outdrives
Ride Height Driveshafts Level
Sway Bar None
Oil 32.5wt Losi
Piston Drilled 554
Spring Yellow (2 coils cut off)
Limiters Inside = 0.050 Outside = none
Camber Link 3 / E (hub ball stud, spaced as high as possible)
Shock Location 4 / Middle
VLA Long
Wing XXXcr half gurney (with extra element)
Wing Position Middle
Battery Position Forward


Front - Schumacher Yellow Mini Spikes Losi firm insert
Rear - Schumacher Yellow Mini Spikes Losi firm insert


LRP Sphere Competition 2007 (settings 2-3-3-2)


LRP X11 6.5T Brushless motor


84 / 18


LRP VTEC 4200hv2 NiMh BIG MAMA Factory packs