- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Danny McGee - Rough Low Traction Track -

Triple X-CR Setups


oil 32.5
Piston red
Limiters 0mm
Orange or silver spring
Shock position Outer hole on tower and middle on wishbone
Camber link 2B
VLA Long
+30gr in bulkhead
Front wing used


1 gold washer under each hole on the squat plate raising it up (more pivot basically)

Medium wheels base, but long if it gets rough
Oil 32.5
Piston orange
Limiters 0
Silver or red rear spring
Shock position outer hole on the tower and middle on the wishbone
Camber link 3-E
VLA short
Big wing + 5mm gurney flap
Battery: front (not against servo)

Rear tyres: bigshot red, std foam (that's our control tyre)
Front tyres: I ran losi red - 3rib pre scrubbed