- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Darrell Armstrong - RB5 style Setup -

Here is my organized XXX to RB5 Conversion settings to the dot.


Toe: 1.5° out
Ride Height: Arms level, due to spindle height, its 1-2 mm lower than stock
Camber: -2°
Bulkhead weight: 2.5oz (I use lighter batteries than lipo, but if you use lipo I wouldn't use but 2oz at the most, maybe even 1.8
Battery Tray: 1oz (1/2oz on each side of front), some batteries may require you to do this outside of battery tray but same spot going forward.
Arms: [LOSA9700] Graphite Front Arms (can use Aluminum block one but reduce bulkhead weight from 2.5oz to 1.8oz)
1/2oz weight in behind servo
1/4oz to compensate light Ko Propo receiver to RS ESC
Caster: 25° 1nut and 2 shims= 5 shims on front 2 4-40 screws to reduce kickup and total caster by 5° (increases high speed steering)
Sway: none
Oil: 32.5wt (Losi)
Piston: Natural drilled to #54 which= Blue pistons #54
Spring: Blue 2"
Shock-boot: yes
Limiters: stock (balloon shock boot will decrease chance of bottoming out)
Spindle Height: High as possible to reduce ride height. (2 shims to do so)
Steering type: Rack ( 1shim between rack and arm) 1nut on toe adjustment of the rack (1nut=3shims)
Servo Horn: Use a Drimmel to grind the right side of the servo horn, in your orrientation, from the front of car its the right side and left side from the rear.
Servo linkage: 41.14mm long (ball tip to ball tip)
Camber Link:2-B (1 nut spacer on chassis side-ball stud)
Shock Location: 3-Middle (4-Middle if track has wicked tight turns)
(2 nut spacer on shock mount to make shock stand more towards nose)
VLA: Short


Anti Squat: 3° (1shim from stock)
XXX-T Aluminum Pivot block
Arms [LOSA9800] Graphite Arms (XXX-4)
Camber: -1°
Toe: 3° In (Stock)
Rear hub spacing: Forward to make shorter, (2 plastic shims in back)
Drive shafts: Stock, but MIP works much better, more like B4 and RB5
Oil: 27.5wt (Losi)
Piston: #54 pretty much
Spring: Orange 2.5"
Shock-boot: yes
Limiters: Stock, haven't had time to tinker limits on outside to reduce chassis scrape.
Camber Link: ^2, and ^A (identical to RB5) rods are also same by mm.
Shock Location: 3-Middle (1 nut spacer on shock mount to make shock stand more towards chassis)
VLA: Short
Wing position: High
Wing: Using Thunder Tiger ST-1 1/8 Nylon wing (also adds 1.3oz )
motor: 8.5t Novak Ballistic 5000kv 86t Spur, 13t Pinion +8°time boost
motor is 1oz lighter than most motors, so wing is easily used.
Mobil-1 Red grease in Out drives and diff  (water resistant to a certain *)

Tekin ESC Settings

Time boost +10°
Start rpm 5442 exact recall
End rpm 20,024 or so not exact recall

Throttle profile 4 (yes extra sensitive)

I guess this is enough for now, this took some time to obtain!
Hope you guys try it out, only if you use lipos. Jarred Tebo added 1.5oz on his front bulkhead +aluminum front so really he is 2oz


Front: Losi Pink 4rib (I prefer Proline M3 though) either work depends on track
Rear: DD's (Green)or Losi X-2000 (pink) Losi-IFMAR pin (Red) and sometimes Proline Inside Job M3