- Losi Triple X-CR - Lars Johnson - High Bite Indoor - 09.01.2008 -


We typically run pink slicks, the track is 1 week old so we didn’t use slicks on Wednesday night, but below is the setup derived by Matt Chambers and works really well for me. His differences – no alum bulkhead, spindles down, 3 ball stud washers on the rear hubs, and i think his ride height is 24/23 (i think), and I’m sure his esc doesn’t have as much drag brake. Our track is Small and tight, usually there are more than one 180 deg corners, high 13 to low 14 second laptimes in mod 2wd, 25-26 laps in 6 minutes. Like Jim said tho, I'll usually go a bit thicker once the bite gets crazy, which it will at some point, but tires > shocks > camber links is the order of importance at any track IMO. If you're going to try it, make sure your shock bottoms are new/in good shape so they don't get yanked out (from my recent experience)... This works for me here, it may or may not work elsewhere - Lars Johnson


3-B camber link, 2 washers
Long arm
Std 56's, 27.5 wt
Orange springs
0 limiters, shock bottom unscrewed 1.5 turns
3 on tower, outside on arm
Spindles up
Alum bulkhead, ˝ oz weight in front of servo
1 washer on ballstud on the Rack
Ride height – 23mm
-1 camber, slight toe-in
Battery forward


3-B Camber link, 4 washers – or as many as you can get without the ballcup hitting the wheel
Short arm
Hubs back
Std 57's, 25 wt
White springs
0 limiters, shock bottom unscrewed 2 turns
2 on tower, outside on arm
Stock driveshafts
2* Pivot
-1 camber
Ride height – 22mm
Wing – bottom, ˝" airdam on the wing

Novak 7.5L
Geared 22/78
GTB with 5 flashes of drag brake
Pink taper fronts, stock foam
Pink BK Bar rears, stock foam
(for slicks – tapers/stock in the front, tapers/stock or Bomb 1 in the rear)