- Team Losi Racing Triple X-CR -

The Team Losi XXX buggy has been one of the winningest and most successful 2WD buggies worldwide. Over time, Team Losi has refined and further developed the XXX platform to keep it at the front of the pack. The initial update came in the form of the XXX BK Edition, named after IFMAR World Champion Brian Kinwald. The XXX BK Edition included threaded shock bodies, titanium nitride coated shock shafts, aluminum top shaft, graphite-reinforced composite parts, a new body, and more. The XXX BK earned many championships around the world, the pinnacle coming at the 2002 IFMAR World Championships as Matt Francis captured his second IFMAR World Championship in South Africa. As time went on, other improvements were tested and eventually incorporated into a third XXX buggy, the BK2. The BK2 introduced the concept of VLA (variable length arms) to easily alter the handling characteristics of the car. Additionally, the BK2 featured a slew of transmission updates as well. While the BK2 has been an exceptional chassis, the engineers at Team Losi have been at it again and are proud to introduce the next generation of competition-ready race buggy, the XXX-CR!

"Winning Breeds Winners

Team Losi buggies have always been revolutionary, with lead designer Gil Losi, Jr. not being afraid to break new ground with new innovative concepts. From bumper to gearbox, the XXX-CR has undergone a wide variety of design changes from previous designs, all in an effort to make it faster and smoother around the track. While turning in a fast lap here or there is nice, being consistently fast is what wins races. With this in mind, it was determined that the focus of the design changes should include making the XXX-CR a car that is easier to drive, faster. As you can see, Team Losi has done their homework and released a new competition killer.


No, we’re not talking about a video game trade show here; EA3 is Team Losi’s all-new exclusive molded composite. EA3 is still light but has greater strength and impact resistance than the previous composites. This translates into a car that is more nimble yet more durable, all at the same time. Utilizing this exclusive material in select suspension components of the XXX-CR provides not only greater handling on rough surfaces and increased traction, but also improves the overall durability of the XXX-CR, allowing drivers to complete the first part of winning a race—finishing it—even easier.

Smoothing Out the Ride

Unlike an on-road car that races on relatively smooth and flat surfaces, an off-road car’s suspension is always in motion. Whether you’re clearing a triple, going through a whoop-de-do’s, or coming over a table top, the suspension is constantly working. Team Losi’s next generation in suspension technology called VLA, has been refined and race-tuned for use on the XXX-CR. Starting at the front of the car, the XXX-CR features an all-new front shock tower with added tunability and optimized suspension travel. This new geometry improves the handling of the CR, both flying over jumps and carving through tight and twisty sections of the track. The vertical front ball studs like all those used throughout the CR are new as well. The new “HD” series ball studs are made from a better alloy and feature a hex machined into the head like the trick titanium units long offered as an option part. This feature allows you to more easily move the ball stud, even in confined spaces, using an Allen wrench instead of a bulky nut driver.

The rear end of the XXX-CR is virtually all-new and redesigned to improve both side and forward traction under power. New multi-adjustable rear hub carriers with vertical ball studs play a big part in this revised package. The change to a vertical ball stud allows for easier roll center changes than conventional horizontally mounted ball studs. The new hub carriers attach to redesigned VLA rear arms with revised shock mounting geometry. All of the hinge pins feature titanium nitride treatment for reduced friction and improved resistance to corrosion and rust. The rear shock tower has been redesigned as well, increasing the number of camber locations for improved tunability. There’s also a new set of wing mounting holes to lower its mounting point. The lower wing height lowers the center of gravity, reduces drag, and helps to improve straight-line speed.

To adjust the flexural characteristics of the chassis for improved performance on the roughest tracks, Team Losi has reinforced and chosen a non-graphite chassis for the CR. As an added benefit of using non-conductive materials in its molding, the chassis is no longer a conductor of electricity, eliminating the need to use the insulating tape on the sides of the battery tunnel and reducing possible interference issues encountered with some radio equipment. This also provides users with more room on the chassis to accommodate the latest generation of batteries.

Inside the Gearbox

Today’s generation of low-turn motors and high-voltage battery packs can place more stress on drivetrain components than was believed possible only a few years ago. Although the adjustable dual-disc slipper helps absorb impacts, the differential still sees the bulk of the abuse in off-road racing. With this in mind the Losi engineers redesigned the differential assembly for the XXX-CR to better withstand the extreme loads placed on it and to better withstand the potential impact and heat. They worked at length to make the new assembly require less frequent maintenance, which every racer will appreciate. The new differential is extremely smooth, even at the tightest settings. The rest of the gearbox is pretty straightforward stuff that we’ve come to expect from Team Losi: dual-disc slipper clutch, Kevlar® spur gear, lightweight hard anodized aluminum top shaft, shielded ball bearings, optimized motor placement, and a new machined light weight aluminum motor plate. Keeping dirt, grime, and pebbles out of the pinion and spur gear is extremely important and the CR is equipped with a new molded gear cover to do just that. Not only does the molded cover keep debris out, it also helps to dampen the gear noise, making the CR a quieter buggy. Adjusting the slipper clutch is a cinch too, as you only have to remove the plug from the side of the gear cover to gain access to the slipper nut. The final drive has been set to 2.43:1 which provides excellent top speed and acceleration for stock, 19T, and modified motors. To transfer the power from the differential to the rear tires, the XXX-CR utilizes rebuildable universal-joint dogbones. By opting for universals, the CR floats over rough sections of the track smoother and faster.

Details, Details, Details

Along with larger changes, the XXX-CR has also received a number of subtle tweaks that, once added up, pay huge dividends on lap times. Probably one of the biggest improvements on the XXX-CR has to be the new bellcrank system. This new design relocates the ball studs and dramatically changes the steering geometry. These changes allow the XXX-CR to turn in harder and hold its line better. Each of the CR’s tierods have been updated with Losi’s grey HD-style extra-rigid ball cups that flex less, resist stretching, and have proven to be the most durable available. To accommodate the latest generation of larger-diameter and heavier cells, the XXX-CR comes equipped with a new battery strap that holds your pack securely without the need to make any additional modifications.

Style and Functionality

A new body has been designed for the XXX-CR. The body features an extremely low profile which improves drag and lowers the center of gravity (CG). In addition to the new body, a new rear wing system has also been designed for the CR. The new wing setup is actually two wings in one. The main wing is wider that the BK2’s for improved down force. On top of that, a smaller secondary wing is also included. When you stack the two wings together, the secondary wing provides two centrally located side dams. These extra side dams improve high-speed stability, providing the CR with a more locked-in feel on the track. You can further aerodynamically change the handling of the CR by utilizing the included front wing as well. The front wing improves steering response by providing additional front down force.

Getting the power to the ground is a key component in racing, but especially so in off-road events. Red compound Big Shot tires with inserts are provided for you to use on the rear of the CR. Likewise, Red compound extra wide-body front tires really bite into the dirt to help the XXX-CR feel like it’s on a rail. The Red compound provides exceptional grip on a variety of surfaces while still having good tread-life.

The XXX has been an awesome buggy for quite some time, and the XXX-CR takes buggy performance to the next level. With the number of updates that have been crammed into the XXX-CR, Team Losi has once again raised the bar in the 2WD buggy arena. Victory lane is waiting for you, and the Team Losi XXX-CR can take you there.