- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Simon Reeves - Stotford - 01.02.2009 -



Spring - Silver
Oil - 30w
Piston - 56
Shock Tower Position - 3
Wishbone Position - Middle
VLA - Long
Camber Link - 2 B 3 washers under link
30 degree caster as std
30g on top of bulk head
Front Losi standard wing
Thin losi front roll bar - Stops so much body roll in corner


Spring - white
Oil - 25
Piston - 56
Shock Tower Position - 2
Wishbone Position - Middle
2 degree anti squat
Camber Link - 2 E 3 washers under link on hub
Wheelbase - Medium
Losi steel drive shafts
Wide losi wing 2cm gurney


Battery's - forwards but not up against servo in std position
Motor 6.5t Losi 25/78
Tyres - Sch Mini spike yellow & stagger rib up front when track dry

Car is forgiving to drive with this set up and well balanced

Weight - i have alot of weight in the car, 25g down both sides on the battery tray in the chassis. I am also running the short KO servo with 40g behind that and 15g under the servo horn so in total including the 30g on the front bulkhead i am running 145g in the car as well as cells!

The weight has made a massive difference, car less prone to wheelie, and on power steering greatly improved