- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Smac - Non Typical Losi Setup -


I was able to get to the track early enough to really tinker with the XXXcr tonight. As I had stated earlier, I have been running the B4 until recently and I have done nothing but push since I got the Losi. The Amezcua set up was much closer than the Robbers set up on my track, but I still found myself jamming the brake in many of the corners to get it to turn in. I finally gave up on most of the set up info from all of the Losi setups and went a different route. I know that the B4 turns so I did alot of measuring and figuring and came up with a setup that would be similar to a B4 setup. It is not a typical Losi setup, but it works! I can finally get around the track without that "lap time killing" brake!!

I promise you that the rear shocks are gonna look funny on the car, but it really does work.


Toe in: 0
Ride Height: 23mm
Camber: -1
Sway Bar: No
Oil: 30
Piston: 57
Spring: Orange
Limiters: 0
Spindle Height: Bottom
Steering Type: Rack (w/ 1 ackerman spacer)
Bump Steer: 1 spacer
Camber Link: 2/A (short neck ball stud)
Shock Location: 3 Outside
VLA: Long
Front Wing: Yes
Tires: Losi 7206 Red
-Unscrew shock ends 2.5 turns
-1/2oz of weight in nose
-.050 spacers above front 2 holes in suspension mount (27 Kick up)


Toe: Stock
Pivot Support: 2 (w/ front shim for 3 total)
Ride Height: 23mm
Camber: 1.5
Hub Spacing: Back
Drive Shafts: Steel bones
Sway Bar: No
Oil: 25
Piston: 56
Spring: Yellow
Limiters: .060
Camber Link: 3/B-3 Shims
Shock Location: 3 Inside
VLA: Short
Wing Position: Bottom
Tires: Panther Switch 2.0 (Super soft compound)
Battery: Forward (chassis ground to allow battery to set against the servo)