- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Brian Preddy - Kidderminster - 14.01.2007 -



Toe - 0
Ride Height Chassis Level With Rear
Camber - -1
Caster - Std
Sway Bar - None
Oil - 40
Piston - black
Spring - Blue
Limiters - None
Spindle Location - Low
Steering Ackerman Rack
Bump Steer - 0
Camber Link - 2B (1 gold washer)
Shock Location - 3 Inside
VLA Short
Front Wing - No
Notes - 10g in front of servo and 5g either side at the back of servo


Toe-In - 3 inboard flipped upside down
Pivot Support - Std
Rear Hub Spacing Middle
Driveshafts/Outdrives Steel CVD's/Steel Outdrives
Ride Height - Driveshafts just below Level
Sway Bar - None
Oil - 40
Piston - Blue
Spring - Red
Limiters - Inside 0 - Outside 0
Camber Link 6C 2 gold washers under the ball stud
Shock Location - 2 Middle
VLA - Long
Wing - XXXcr half gurney (without extra element)
Wing Position - Low
Battery Position - Forward
Notes - 15g at the back of chassis 20g behind the battery foam

Front - Schu Green mini's firm insert
Rear - Ballistic Green Mini spikes Soft insert

Peak Spashett 12x3 27/78
Peak GP3700 H-MPV David Specials

The car felt really good and had good drive out of the corners.
it handled the camber change really well at speed coming onto the tabletop.
It got a little loose on the back on the 3rd run, but that was down to it starting to go damp in the air and the rear tyres were just about knackered.