- Team Losi Triple X-CR - Jazz - B4-RB5 style Setup -

Changed the oil all the way around to 32.5. All I can say is awesome. I was cutting in under b4's and rb5's in corners tonight and the buggy has never felt this good. I still feel like the front rolls to much in this chicane and on sharper turns we have on the track.

TripleX-cr set up is as follows


Orange springs 32.5 wt losi oil & 57 pistons (black)
Shock eyelets 2 turns out
Outer hole (4) on tower middle hole on arm
Camber link A2 no washers inside
VLA short
-1.0 * camber
1 1/4 oz weight in nose 1 oz in front of servo
Front arms level


Pink rear springs 32.5 wt losi oil 56 pistons (red)
shock location hole 1 on tower, inside hole on arm
Hub spacing rear
camber link D1 with 4 gold washers (3mm "ish")
titanium ball studs on tower
VLA short
rear drive axles level
LOSA4149 alum rear pivot (LOSA4126 works as
well) with LOSA9800 BK2/XXX4 rear arms.