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Team Losi
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Building & Setup Tips Helger Racing
Overview, Features & Images
Blank Setup Sheet
Blank Setup Sheet Team Losi
Standard Setup
Mike Truhe Standard-Long-Arms Team Losi
Richard Cree General Grass Setup - Outdoor - Open - Smooth Team Losi
Chris Doughty UK-Tracks RCRaceChat

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Layout Composition - Traction Surface Source
06.03.2011 Wesley van Helmond BNK Rd1 - Charleroi Indoor Astroturf Joey
Blue Groove
5/08/2004 Hupo Honigl
Jukka Steenari
European Champs - Collegno Outdoor, Tight blue groove Smooth Grip RC
14-15.03.2009 Frederic Laigle French Nats - Loos Indoor, Tight Carpet Smooth Petit RC
26-27/02/2005 Fréderic Pinchon French Nats - Le Havre Indoor Carpet Electric-RC
13/02/2005 Trond Soetre Inne* Indoor, Tight Carpet Smooth Elektrobuggy

22/11/2004 Chris Doughty DMS-Watford* Indoor, Tight Carpet Smooth
18/01/2004 Ellis Stafford DMS-Watford Indoor, Tight Carpet Smooth Helger Racing
20/07/2005 Hupo Honigl European Champs - Montigny Outdoor changes, small bumps Grass Gaz-On
22-23/05/2004 Marcus Luebke EFRA-GP - Montigny, France Outdoor, Open Grass Rough Grip RC

05/2004 Ellis Stafford Holbeach Outdoor, Open Grass (Slippery) Smooth Helger Racing
High Bite
06/2004 Adam Drake Titus Hobbies* Indoor, Tight High Bite Smooth The Drake
06/2004 Ellis Stafford Bury Stotfold Indoor, Tight High Bite Rough Helger Racing
5/05/2004 Chris MacKenzie TCHR * Indoor, Tight High Bite Smooth Losiboard
14/01/2004 Ben Ellis Planet RC - CRCRC * Indoor, Tight High Bite Smooth Losiboard
23/12/2003 Jason Schweitzer Planet RC - CRCRC Indoor, Tight High Bite Smooth Team Losi
01-02/09/2007 Julien Formentin French Cup - Dhuizon Outdoor Open Slippery Bumpy Julien Formentin
21/05/2006 Lagatov Paray Vieille Poste Outdoor Slippery Gaz-On
2-3/04/2004 Antoine Rossetti French Nats -Pezenas Slippery Electric-RC
5-6/06/2004 Frederic Laigle
Cédric Devillers
French Nats - Vierzon Slippery Grip RC

05/2004 Ketil Petterson Trondheim* Outdoor, Open Slippery Rough Elektrobuggy
Ellis Stafford Stotfold Outdoor, Open, wet Slippery Helger Racing
12/2003 Adam Drakes SoCal Indoor, Tight Slippery Smooth The Drake
08/2003 Brian Kinwalds World Championship

Outdoor, Open Slippery Smooth Team Losi
12/11/2006 John Cockerill Batley Regional Grass,Astroturf,Concrete,Dirt Oople
18/06/2005 Chris Doughty BRCA Nats - Bury Metro Grass,Astrostuff,Concrete, Cobbles - High flat, some bumps Hobbytec

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