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B5 Manual - B5M Manual - B5M Factory Lite Manual - B5M Champion Edition Manual Supplement Associated
B5 & B5M Parts List
#91461 Gear Diff Supplement
#91548 & #91549 Aluminum Rear Hubs
#91385 Arm Mount Inserts
Gear Ratio Chart Arn0

B5 & B5M Features & Pictures
B5M Factory Lite Features & Pictures
B5M Champions Edition Features & Pictures

B5M - 3-Gear Transmission

12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Associated
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Springs Chart Arn0
AE Damper Chart Ray Munday
B5M to B5M CE G. Vogel

Tuning Guide

B5 & B5M - First Drive
B5 - NeoBuggy's build NeoBuggy
B5 - My RC Box's build My RC Box
B5M - Tony Phalen's build
Bruno Heremans build tips
B5M - Project 17.5 Racer NeoBuggy
B5M Factory Lite - Review Car Action
B5M Factory Lite - Laptime build
B5M Factory Lite - Review (Video)
B5M Factory Lite - Wallie Build - Rivkin Inspired Jconcepts
Blank Setup Sheet
B5 - Editable Setup Sheet
B5 - Editable Setup Sheet with Aluminum Rear Hubs
B5M - Editable Setup Sheet
B5M - Editable Setup Sheet with Schelle Racing option parts
B5M Factory Lite - Editable Setup Sheet with Aluminum Rear Hubs
B5M Champions Edition - Editable Setup Sheet
B5M Low Rider - Editable Setup Sheet
B5/B5M - Option / Tuning Parts List
B5 - Notes
Tips & Tricks
Team AE Tech Tips & Tricks Associated
How to Properly Build and Break-in a Ball Differential and Slipper Clutch RC Tech
B5 Electronics Setup
B5M Electronics Setup
B5M Upgrades
B5M Upgrades by JConcepts
Steering Ball Bearings Improvement
Front Tower Prevention Tip
Stock to Lightweight
AE Hubs to Schelle B5/B5M Hubs
B5M Bodies Comparison
X-Factory Infinity Chassis Test
Fan mount on 3 Gear transmission box J. Corl
Sensor wire installation J. Snyder
Front End Tip R. Cavalieri
Ballcup installation R. Cavalieri
Lighten Your B5M for Stock/Spec Racing T. Phalen

Base Setup
B5M - Jake Sanders - Base setup on dirt track, medium traction
B5 - Sebastien Mure - High Traction Dirt Track Y. Aigoin
B5 - Sebastien Mure - Low-Medium Traction Dirt Track Y. Aigoin
B5M - Matthew Gonzales - Base Setup @ SDRC Raceway M. Gonzales
B5M - Alexander Haugland - Base Setup @ Marås Raceway (Astroturf) (Mar. 2015) A. Haugland
B5 - Matthew Gonzales - Base Setup Medium Grip 17.5 M. Gonzales
B5M - SkiRideDrive - SDRC Base Setup
B5M - Ray Munday - Setup Guide
B5M - Jake Sanders - Base setup on dirt track, medium traction
B5M - Derek Stephanson - Base Setup Stock & Modified
B5M LR - CML France - Base Setup Carpet
B5M LR - Thibault Berthier - Base Setup Carpet
B5M CE - Kit Setup
Options Parts
B5/B5M - Avid RC - Options
B5/B5M - Exotek Racing - Options
B5/B5M - JConcepts - Options
B5/B5M - MIP - Options
B5/B5M - RDRP - Options
B5/B5M - Schelle Racing - Options

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Surface Traction Source
31.07.2016 Mark Williamson (M) Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Undulating High M. Williamson
14-15.05.2016 Jesper Rasmussen (M) Danish Nats - Mutzig Carpet Bumpy Medium-High J. Rasmussen
15.05.2016 Thibault Berthier (LR) Maisons Alfort Carpet Bumpy High T. Berthier
07-08.05.2016 Julien Parnot (LR) French Nats - Odense Astroturf Bumpy Very High J. Parnot
04.07.2015 Jesper Rasmussen (M) Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Bumpy High/Very High J. Rasmussen
21.06.2015 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Odense Astroturf Low - Very High J. Rasmussen
06.06.2015 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Hobro Carpet Low-Medium J. Rasmussen
31.05.2015 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Viborg Carpet J. Rasmussen
02.05.2015 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Kongen Carpet Smooth Low Associated
17.04.2015 Alexander Haugland (M) Marås Raceway Astroturf Bumpy Medium-High A. Haugland
01.03.2015 Tom Yardy (FL) Telford & Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Bumpy High CML Distribution
29.11.2014 Greg Williams WS - Herts Astroturf Wet Low-Medium CML
14.09.2014 Alexander Haugland (M) Marås Raceway Astroturf Medium A. Haugland
07.09.2014 Patrick Hofer (R) German Nats - Gemunden Astroturf Bumpy High P. Hofer
06-07.09.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Odense Astroturf Bumpy High J. Rasmussen
23-24.08.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Sommersted Carpet Smooth Low, wet J. Rasmussen
08-09.08.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Viborg Carpet Bumpy Medium, wet J. Rasmussen
04-06.07.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) Belgian GP - Kampenhout Astroturf High/Low Smooth J. Rasmussen
28.06.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Black Hill Hobro Carpet Bumpy Low, Wet J. Rasmussen
15.06.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (R) DRCMU - Sommersted Carpet Smooth-Bumpy Medium-High J. Rasmussen
10-11.05.2014 Team CML France (M) French Nats - Mutzig Astroturf S. Mure
10.05.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) DRCMU - Viborg Carpet Bumpy Low-High J. Rasmussen
12.04.2014 Tom Yardy (M)
Neil Cragg (M)
BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface
Very High
CML Distribution
09.04.2014 Ben Jemison (M) RHR Astroturf Bumpy, Dry High B. Jemison
23.03.2014 Ben Jemison (M) Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Bumpy Low B. Jemison
16.03.2014 Raul Solano (M) SNS Rd1 - Madrid Astroturf Bumpy High R. Solano
09.03.2014 Tom Yardy (M) Telford Astroturf High CML
28.07.2016 Phil Matthews (M) Ste Hyacinthe Hard Packed Dirt P. Matthews
07.05.2016 Ray Munday (M) Vic Titles - Keilor Hard Packed Dirt Groove Medium R. Munday
10.04.2016 Sebastien Mure French Nats - Vic La Gardiole Dirt Bumpy Low-Medium C. Boda
06.03.2016 Mike Sanders (CE) Bluegroove RC Dirt High-Very High M. Sanders
28.02.2016 Andrew Clark (17.5) Bigfoot Extra. - 405 RC Raceway Dirt Bumpy Medium-High A. Clark
07.02.2016 Brent Thielke (CE) JC Series - Smactrac Clay Smooth Medium Associated
21-24.01.2016 Spencer Rivkin
Joona Haatanen
Kurt Wenger
RRoC - OCRC Dirt` Grooved High
19.12.2015 Andrew Clark (M) ROAR Regionals - Thornhill RC Hard Packed Smooth-Grooved High A. Clark
12-13.12.2015 Brent Thielke (CE) Top Gun - SDRC Dirt Smooth High-Very High Associated
13.12.2015 Kody Numedahl (CE) OCRC Hard Packed Grooved Medium-High K. Numedahl
05-06.12.2015 Ryan Cavalieri (CE)
Spencer Rivkin (CE)
Shane Borden (FL/17.5)
JC INS - Omaha Dirt Smooth Medium-High

S. Borden
18.10.2015 Wayne Schroeder (FL) Fastlane Raceway Hard Packed Loamy Medium-High W. Schroeder
11.10.2015 David Leclercq (M) Black Country Arena Hard Packed Bumpy Low D. Leclercq
11.10.2015 Luca Albanese (M) Trofeo Race - Nichelino Dirt Medium L. Albanese
05.09.2015 Tyler Hicks (M) SDRC/OCRC Clay Bumpy-Grooved Medium-High T. Hicks
30.08.2015 Kurt Wenger (M/17.5) Surf City - OCRC Hard Packed Smooth Medium-High Associated
12.08.2015 Brent Thielke (M) SDRC Hard Packed Smooth Medium-High Associated
07-09.08.2015 Ryan Cavalieri (M) ROAR Nats - SRS Clay Bumpy, Dusty Very High Associated
03-05.08.2015 Neil Cragg (M)
Renaud Savoya (FL)
EC - RHR Dirt Dirt Smooth Medium
02.08.2015 Chad Eubanks (LR) JConcepts Supercup Fall - New Red Hobbies Hard Packed Bumpy, Dry Very High C. Eubanks
17.07.2015 Alejandro Vegas (M) Trackside Clay Damp Medium-High A. Vegas
09-12.07.2015 Derek Stephanson (M) JConcepts - Outback Raceway Hard Packed Loomy Very High D. Stephanson
14.06.2015 Nick Wautlet (M) OCRC Hard Packed Dirt High N. Wautlet
12.06.2015 Joel Navarro (M) SDRC Hard Packed Dirt Bumpy High J. Navarro
03.06.2015 Nick Wautlet (R) HRH Dirt Smooth Medium, Wet N. Wautlet
26.04.2015 Kody Numedahl (Lite/17.5)
Spencer Rivkin (Lite/17.5)
JConcept Nats - OCRC Hard Packed Smooth-Grooved High Associated
14.04.2015 Charlie Cavalier (M) SDCR Hard Packed Smooth Medium C. Cavalier
29.03.2015 Bryant Peters (M) SDCR Hard Packed Bumpy Medium B. Peters
28.03.2015 Derek Stephanson (M) LSR Speedway Hard Packed Smooth Medium D. Stephanson
15.03.2015 Michael Schoettler (M) TRCR Clay Smooth High tweakstation
15.03.2015 Kurt Wenger (M/13.5) Cactus Classic - SRS Hard Packed Smooth Very High K. Wenger
07.03.2015 Brent Thielke (M) TNS - SDRC Hard Packed Smooth High Associated
28.02.2015 Kurt Wenger (M/17.5) OCRC Clay Grooved High K. Wenger
24.02.2015 Nolan Anderson (R) OCRC Hard Packed Bumpy Medium-High Associated
23.02.2015 Kurt Wenger (M/17.5) OCRC Clay Grooved High K. Wenger
08.02.2015 Kody Numedahl (M/3 Gear) MHOR Hard Packed Dirt Smooth-Grooved Very High Associated
01.02.2015 Tyler Hicks (M) SDRC Clay Bumpy-Grooved Medium, Damp T. Hicks
01.02.2015 Jason Ruona (M) JConcepts INS Clay
28.01.2015 Matthew Gonzales (M) SDCR Hard Packed Bumpy Medium M. Gonzales
21-25.01.2015 Ryan Cavalieri (M) Reedy Race - OCRC Clay Associated
13.01.2015 Wayne Schroeder (M) Fastlane Raceway Hard Packed Bumpy-Smooth Low-Medium-High RC Tech
11.01.2015 Ryan Cavalieri (M) Mid-West Champs - CRCRC Clay Bumpy-Smooth Medium-High Associated
29.12.2014 Mason (M/17.5) New Red Hobbies Dirt Medium-High RC Tech
14.12.2014 Luca Albanese (R) San Gillio Dirt Low L. Albanese
06-07.12.2014 Spencer Rivkin (M)
Damion Borkowicz (M)
Bubba Boggs (R)
JConcepts Nats - Omaha Associated
29.11.2014 Ray Munday (M) Victorian Titles - Knox Hard Packed Grooved Medium-High Keilor RC
09.11.2014 Ryan Cavalieri (M) Spektrum Champs - Trackside Dirt Bumpy High Associated
12.10.2014 Luca Albanese (R) Pista McRae - Turin Dirt Low L. Albanese
Sept. 2014 Tyler Hicks (M) SDRC Clay Grooved Medium, damp T. Hicks
31.09.2014 Martial Bouillard (M) Bonneville Dirt Hard Packed Smooth Medium S. Mure
19-24.08.2014 Jeremy Harris (M/17.5)
Ryan Cavalieri (M)
Kurt Wenger (M)
ROAR Nats - SCRC Clay Rough, Grooved Medium J. Harris
K. Wenger
10.08.2014 Ray Munday (M) Keilor Cup Hard Packed Grooved Low-Medium Keilor RC
09-10.08.2014 Patrick Hofer (M) Swiss Champs - Dielsdorf Dirt Low-Medium HRC
03.08.2014 Ryan Cavalieri (M)
Brent Thielke (M)
Ashe Deering (R/17.5)
7th Surf City - OCRC Hard Packed Bumpy-Smooth Medium Associated
20.07.2014 Brent Thielke (M) Hot Rod Shootout Hard Packed Bumpy-Smooth Medium Associated
14-16.07.2014 Neil Cragg (R)
Joona Haatanen (M)
Jesper Rasmussen (R)
European Champs - Trelleborg Clay/Dirt Bumpy-Smooth Low J. Rasmussen
29.06.2014 Ryan Cavalieri (M)
Kurt Wenger (M)
Spencer Rivkin (M)
Top Gun - SDRC Dirt Bumpy Medium-High Associated
08.06.2014 Ray Munday (M) MM8 - Mildura Dirt, Hard Packed Grooved Medium-High Keilor RC
07.06.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (R) EC Warm-up - Trelleborg Indoor Clay/Blue Groove Smooth Low J. Rasmussen
25.05.2014 Chris Bridgewater NCT Rd2 - Spokane Dirt, Hard Packed Bumpy Medium-High 2wdmod
08.05.2014 Derek Stephanson (M) Modesto Raceway Dirt Low-Medium Modesto RC
30.04.2014 Jake Sanders (M) Dirt Medium J. Sanders
26.04.2014 Humpty (R) Stock Nats - OCRC Hard Pack Dirt Grooved High RC Tech
25.04.2014 Chris Jarosz (M) Traction Hobbies Hard packed Smooth Medium-High C. Jarosz
14.04.2014 Micheal Schoettler (M) Tacoma Rc Raceway Dirt Grooved, Smooth High/Very High 2wdMod
11-13.04.2014 Rudy Rico (R/17.5)
Steven Hartson (M)
Tacoma RC Raceway Hard Packed Smooth
Grooved, Smooth
High/Very High
06.04.2014 Steven Hartson (M) April Fool - IRCR Clay Smooth Medium-High Associated
29.03.2014 Ray Munday (R) Knox Cup Hard Packed Bumpy, Grovved Medium Associated
29.03.2014 David Barton (M) BRCR Dirt Smooth, Damp Medium D. Barton
26.03.2014 Ryan Maifield (M) Warehouse 3 Dirt Bumpy Medium Associated
22.03.2014 Chris Watson (M) 702 Raceway Hard Packed Bumpy low C. Watson
22.03.2014 Luke Smith (M) Olympia Dirt Grooved, Smooth Very High 2wdMod
11-16.03.2014 Ryan Cavalieri (M)
Ryan Maifield (M)
Brent Thielke
Ashe Deering (17.5)
Cactus Classic Clay Smooth High Associated
14-16.03.2014 David Fast (M) Midwest Regional - EM RC Hard Packed Damp Medium-High D. Fast
15.03.2014 Luke Smith (M) Tacoma Rc Raceway Dirt Grooved, Smooth High/Very High 2wdMod
07-08.03.2014 Mike Gay (M) Bumps & Jumps Hard packed Smooth Medium, Damp Associated
05.03.2014 Steven Hartson (M) OCRC Hard packed Smooth, Grooved Medium, Damp Associated
01.03.2014 Spencer Rivkin (R) Warehouse 3 Hard packed Medium Associated
23.02.2014 Brent Thielke (R) Fear Farm Dirt Loamy Medium, Damp Associated
22.02.2014 Wayne Schroeder (R) Fastlane Raceway - Blue Spring Hard packed Bumpy Low-Medium Pro Table
19.02.2014 Kody Numedahl (M) OCRC Dirt, Hard packed Grooved, Smooth High, Damp Associated
15.02.2014 Derek Stephanson Modesto Raceway Dirt Loamy Medium Modesto RC
Feb. 2014 Nick Wautlet (R) OCRC Dirt Smooth-Bumpy Medium, damp N. Wautlet
08-09.02.2014 Tanner Denney (R)
BrentThielke (R)
Smac Trac - St Louis Dirt, Hard Packed Smooth Low-Medium Associated
09.02.2014 Kody Numedahl (R) MHOR Hard Packed Smooth, Grooved Very High Associated
08-09.02.2014 Wild Cherry (R) Tacoma RC Clay Smooth, moist Medium-High RC Tech
05.02.2014 Steven Hartson (R) OCRC Hard packed Smooth, Grooved Medium, Damp Associated
02.02.2014 Chad Due (R) Trackside Clay Damp Medium Associated
01.02.2014 Brandon Rhode (R) Dirt Heaven Raceway Clay High Medium Associated
30.01.2014 Team (R) OCRC Dirt Hard Packed, Grooved, Dusty Medium Associated
28.01.2014 Team (M) ADRC Dirt Smooth, Grooved High B. Challman
Spring 2015 Tom Yardy (FL) Regional - Hinckley Worn Grass Bumpy High CML Distribution
14-15.06.2014 Ludovic Valtier French Nats - Montigny Grass Bumpy Medium S. Mure
13.03.2016 Fred Galindo (17.5) RC Plus Astroturf Grooved High F. Galindo
Feb. 2016 Jean-Robert Vanhoye (FL) Bethune & Arques Carpet JR Vanhoye
07.02.2016 Mike Hudson (LR) NW Hobbies - Albany Astroturf Bumpy High M. Hudson
08-10.01.2016 Niclas Mansson
Jesper Rasmussen
DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Smooth Medium
N. Mansson
J. Rasmussen
10.01.2016 Ludovic Valtier (LR) CML Masters Carpet High M. Berty
30.12.2015 Michael Pietzonka (CE) Limburg Carpet High M. Pietzonka
06.12.2015 Julien Parnot (FL) Gargenville Carpet Smooth J. Parnot
22.11.2015 Nico Schmid (FL) MRTO Chal. - Altnau Carpet High HRC
22.11.2015 Luca Albanese (M) TLR Cup - Bologna Carpet Smooth L. Albanese
20-22.11.2015 Joona Haatanen (M) EOS - Trencin Carpet Smooth High
10.11.2015 Neil Cragg (FL) Worksop Smooth Medium CML
01.11.2015 Marcel Schmidt (LR) Berlin Trophy Carpet Smooth Low-Medium M. Schmidt
18.10.2015 Nico Schmid (FL) Swiss Championship - Schöftland Carpet Grooved Low-Medium HRC
03-10.10.2015 Spencer Rivkin (M)
Jesper Rasmussen
WC - Yatabe Arena Astroturf Smooth High Associated
18-20.09.2015 Joakim Nicolaisen (M) EOS - Nurburgring Carpet J. Nicolaisen
16.04.2015 Markus Schmidt (LR)
Michael Pietzonka (LR)
NRW-Offroad-Cup - Dortmund Carpet Smooth High M. Schmidt
15.02.2014 Luca Albanese (M)
Giuseppe Curcio (M)
Italian Champs - Prato Carpet High L. Albanese
31.01.2015 Kazuki Sasatsu (M) Yatabe Arena Astroturf K. Sasatsu
31.01.2015 Joakim Nicolaisen (M) EOS - Berlin Carpet J. Nicolaisen
18.01.2015 Patrick Hofer (M) Arbon GP Carpet Low P. Hofer
Dec. 2015 CML France Loos Carpet Bumpy High
09-11.01.2015 Jesper Rasmussen DHI Cup - Odense Carpet High J. Rasmussen
03-04.01.2015 Patrick Hofer (M) Winterchamp - Hohenems Astroturf High/Very High P. Hofer
14.12.2014 Patrick Hofer (M) Islikon Masters Carpet Medium
08.11.2014 Greg Williams WS - Silverstome Astroturf Smooth Very High CML
16.11.2014 Greg Williams (M) Worksop Cork Floor Smooth Medium G. Williams
12.11.2014 Luca Albanese (M) Italian Champs - Bologna Astroturf Medium L. Albanese
01.11.2014 Craig Drescher (M)
Yannick Aigoin (M)
Matthieu Chaffardon (M/13.5) Frank Courant (M/13.5)
Sylvain Jeunehomme (M)
CML Masters - Louvres Carpet Smooth
24-25.05.2014 Patrick Hofer (M) Swiss Champs - Spreitenbach Carpet Grooved Low-Medium HRC Distribution
03-04.05.2014 Patrick Hofer (M) Swiss Champs - Islikon Carpet Medium HRC Distribution
27.04.2014 Juho Levanen (M) EOS - Wels Carpet Smooth High Associated
21.03.2014 Dave Belsten (M) Caldicot Carpet Medium CRCR
16.03.2014 Ben Jemison (M) Schum Series - Worksop Cork Floor Smooth Medium B. Jemison
08.03.2014 Ben Jemison (M) York Indoors Carpet/Multisurface Dusty Low B. Jemison
March.2014 Jesper Rasmussen (M) ORCM Carpet Smooth High J. Rasmussen
07.03.2014 Craig Harris (M) Caldicot Carpet/Multisurface Medium C. Harris
Soft Dirt

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