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C4.2 - Manual Associated
C4.2 - Parts List
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Associated
12mm "Big Bore" Shocks Springs Chart Arn0
AE "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
AE Damper Chart Ray Munday
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
C4.2 - Picture
Blank Setup Sheet
C4.2 - Editable Setup Sheet (Red)
C4.2 - Editable Setup Sheet (Blue)
C4.2 - Editable Setup Sheet (1MB)
C4.5 - Editable Setup Sheet
Standard Setup
Tips & Tricks
Electronics Setup oOple
Hex wheel conversion for AE vehicles oOple
Battery Holder Modification overrc
Paul Wynn' C4.2 Tower/Bulkhead tip P. Wynn
Increase WheelBase Adjustemnt RC Tech



Event - Place





Nov 2013 Neil Cragg Stotfold Astroturf High Bumpy Associated

28.12.2014 Dave Bristol (C4.5/17.5) SDRC Clay Medium-High Smooth/Bumpy D. Bristol
11-16.03.2014 Billy Fischer Cactus Classic Clay High Smooth
24-26.01.2014 Ryan Cavalieri Reedy Race - OCRC Clay
12.01.2014 Micheal Schoettler Tacoma RC Raceway Dirt High Smooth, damp 2wdmod
12.01.2014 Ryan Maifield CRCRC Dirt Medium-High Smooth-Bumpy Associated
02.12.2013 Sean Cochran (17.5) OCRC Clay High Smooth, damp Associated
Dec. 2013 Paul Wynn SCRC Blue Groove/Clay High bumpy RC Tech
17.11.2013 Wild Cherry TRCR Clay Med-High Smooth RC Tech
17.11.2013 Mooskidoo Utah State Champs - IRCR Clay Med-High Smooth RC Tech
13.11.2013 Brent Thielke OCRC Clay Medium-High Smooth, damp Associated
22-25.09.2013 Ryan Maifield
Tom Yardy
World Champ - Chico Clay High Smooth
Sept 2013 Steven Hartson OCRC Raceway Clay RC Tech
07-08.09.2013 Ryan Maifield JC Clash - Flowood Clay
17.08.2013 Kody Numedahl JBRL - Rainman's H&R Clay Low-Medium Smooth Associated
10.08.2013 Ryan Cavalieri
Ryan Maifield
JBRL - Rainman's H&R Hard Packed/Grooved High Smooth Associated
21.07.2013 Ryan Maifield Shootout - HRH Hard Packed/Grooved High Associated
16.06.2013 Tom Yardy BRCA - Weston Park Worn Grass Low Smooth CML

01.11.2014 Clement Boda (13.5)
Loic Le Roux
CML Masters - Louvres Carpet Smooth
16.02.2014 Ludovic Valtier Regional - Dammartin Gym Floor Low Bumpy L. Valtier
01.02.2014 Ludovic Valtier Lyon GP Carpet L. Valtier
11-12.01.2014 Jesper Rasmussen DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Medium J. Rasmussen
01.12.2013 Patrick Hofer MRTO Challenge Carpet High Associated
23.11.2013 Ben Jemison Schumacher Series - Worksop Carpet/Polished Floor CML Distribution
09.11.2013 Arnaud Buffat SIORC - Grand Saconnex Carpet Medium Smooth HRC Distribution
20.10.2013 Ludovic Valtier Regional - Dhuizon Carpet High
Soft Dirt


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