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Manual & Diagram Credit
RB5Manual Kyosho
RB5 Parts List
SP Conversion Part List
UMW502 Wheel Shaft for Proline Wheel
UMW503 Carbon Battery Holder
UMW507 Aluminum Front Axle Shaft
UMW511-512 Alu Rear Suspension Holder
UMW516 Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier(0░/0.50░/10░)
UMW520-520GM Alu Battery Post Set
UMW602 Ball Differential Set
RB5 Intro
Review Oople
RB5/ZX5 Spring Rates
Blank Setup Sheet
RB5 - Blank Editable Setup Sheet with LA243 v3.1 Kevin King / Arn0
RB5 - Blank Setup Sheet(JPG) Oople
RB5 - Blank Editable Setup Sheet Bender
Starting Setup
RB5 - Joe Pillars - Worlds Setup RC Tech
RB5 - Doug "Casper" Nieslen - Mid rear setup RC Tech
RB5 - Chris Wood - Small High Grip Track RC Tech
RB5 - Brandon Rohde - Trackside - High Bite / Slick RC Tech
RB5 - Ronnie Gardner - Loose Track RC Tech
RB5 - Simon W - Starting Setup Astroturf Track Oople
RB5 - Ben Ellis - Clay Track, tacky to dry RC Tech
RB5 - Ben Ellis - Two basic setups for soft and very hard packed track RC Tech
RB5 - Tel - Loose Track Setup RC Tech
Tips & Tricks
How-To Bleed Kyosho Shocks K. King



Event - Place





06.06.2009 Nick Caro BRCA - Kidderminster Astroturf High Bumpy N. Caro
13-14.06.2009 Fabien Simonini Eden Park Raceway Astroturf High Bumpy F. Simonini
07.09.2008 Richard Sharp Eastrax Astroturf Oople
24.02.2008 Roger Mills Coventry Astroturf High Bumpy Oople
22.02.2008 Simon W Stotfold and Eastrax Astroturf Oople
Blue Groove
SmacTrac - StLouis Hard Packed High RC Tech
17.08.2008 Cody King ROAR Nat - Saugus Blue Groove High Smooth
Rob Betts
Crazy Carl (Stock rear arm)
LIR Medium
01.12.2007 Arnaud Collet Regional - Dammartin Blue Groove
Medium Bumpy Petit RC
13.01.2008 Ronnie Gardner CRCRC RC Tech
22.07.2007 Doug "Casper" Nieslen Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout Blue Groove High Smooth RC Tech
17.06.2007 Joe Pillars
Glen Bean
ROAR Nats - Albuquerque Blue Groove RC Tech
10.06.2007 Jason Wakefield Qld Titles - Ipswish Blue Groove Medium Smooth Bender
00.06.2007 Collins Cocores R.C Car Test - Socal High Smooth, high packed RC-Car
26.05.2007 Phil F L I R Blue Groove Medium Smooth Oople
01.10.2010 Josh Mitchell WCRC Clay Medium RC Tech
May 2009 Rob Betts LIR Clay RC Tech
06.03.2009 Jared Tebo CRCRC Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho
22.02.2009 Akimoto Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth - Wet Yaggy
16.01.2009 Jared Tebo CRCRC Clay Medium Smooth Johnnyboy
29.12.2008 Jared Tebo Raymore Clay / Dusty Med-High Smooth Kyosho
Jared Tebo Clay Petit RC
Cody King Club Race - OC RC Clay
16.11.2008 Akimoto Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth - Wet Yaggy
20.07.2008 Akimoto Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth - Wet Yaggy
27-29.06.2008 Ben Ellis
Kevin King
Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout Clay High RC Tech
18.05.2008 Cedric Chantrel French Natl - St Aubin Clay Low-Medium Bumpy Petit RC
18.05.2008 Cedric Chantrel (Fr)
Fouad Elward (BL10.5)
French Natl - Pau Clay Medium Petit RC
03-04.05.2008 John Summach Sides Raceway Clay Medium, Wet Bumpy-Smooth Johnnyboy
May 2008 Mark Westerfield RCHR Clay Smooth RC Tech
13.04.2008 ArnaudCollet (Fr) French Natl - Reims Clay / Lime Low Smooth Petit RC
13.04.2008 Joe Pillars SIGP - Tucson Clay Super High Smooth RC Tech
30.03.2008 Akimoto Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth - Wet Yaggy
16.03.2008 Mark Pavidis Cactus Classis Bumpy RC Tech
08.03.2008 Doug "Casper" Nieslen Pegasus Clay RC Tech
03.03.2008 Ben Ellis Clay RC Tech
17.02.2008 Arnaud Collet EIR Clay Low Bumpy Petit RC
19.01.2008 Greg Hodapp Pegasus Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
Jan 2008 Gitsum MOHR Denver (small tight) Clay Hard Packed RC Tech
25.11.2008 Akimoto Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth - Wet Yaggy
12.11.2007 Ben Ellis Planet RC - Indianapolis Clay High RC Tech
14.10.2007 Baumgartner RC Tech
06-07.10.2007 Arnaud Collet French Natl - Vic La gardiole Petit RC
11.09.2007 Joe Pillars 2007 Off-Road WC RC Tech
01-02.09.2007 Arnaud Collet French Cup - Dhuizon Clay / Dusty Bumpy, Sandy Petit RC
01.07.2007 Alex Harry's Big 8 - Vienna Clay / Dusty Low-Med Bumpy, Sandy - Dry RC Tech
02.06.2007 Glen Bean Clay / Dusty Medium-High Bumpy-Smooth - Dry RC Tech
27.05.2007 Ben Ellis First Annual Indy 50 Clay High RC Tech
06.05.2007 John Summach Sids Raceway Clay / Dusty Medium Bumpy - Dry RC Tech
05.05.2007 Glen Bean Enid RC Speedway Clay Medium Bumpy.Smooth - Dry RC Tech
25.03.2007 Adashi Shinosuke Clay Low-Med Bumpy, Wet-Dry Kyosho
07.12.2007 Daniel Grobe TnT Dusty Low-Medium Smooth RC Tech
Nogushi Dusty Medium Smooth, Dry Kyosho
25.04.2009 Eddy Schaafs Rapatel Grass Smooth-Bumpy Petit RC
11.05.2008 Arnaud Collet Regional - Gargenville Grass Med-High Bumpy, Wet Petit RC
29.03.2009 Thomas Pettersson MHF
RC Nille Carpet Oople
Stu Wood Oople
17.01.2009 Nathan Ralls Petit RC Race - Maritime Carpet Petit RC
Nathan Ralls Worksop Indoor Oople
11.10.2008 Calle Pledger Bofors (Sweden) Carpet
28.08.2008 Karl Marsden Worksop Sport hall Smooth Oople
09.02.2008 Arnaud Collet
Cedric Chantrel
French Natl - Neuville Carpet High Petit RC
10.02.2008 Alex M Carpet RC Tech
01.12.2007 Arnaud Collet Petit RC Race Carpet High Petit RC
18.11.2007 Arnaud Collet Champions'cup - Rumilly Carpet High Petit RC
21.10.2007 Cedric Chantrel Regional - Dammartin Carpet Petit RC
23.09.2007 Arnaud Collet
Julien Pulicari
Regional - Maison Alfort Carpet Petit RC
Loose Dirt
12.08.2007 Ben Ellis Factory Tracks Midwest Series Loose Dirt Low Bumpy RC Tech
24.05.2007 Doug "Casper" Nieslen Loose Dirt RC Tech
01.09.2007 Fred Perkins ESC - Vineland Sandy Medium Smooth, Dry RC Tech
07.07.2007 Fred Perkins Club Race - Vineland Sandy Low Smooth, Dry RC Tech
Soft Dirt
24.08.2008 Don Graham
Kevin King
OCRC Medium Bumpy-Smooth
23.04.2005 Fouad Elward Regional - St Gaudens Medium Bumpy-Smooth Fouad Elward
Feb 2008 John Summach Circuit JC, Quebec Soft Dirt Medium Bumpy, Wet Johnnyboy

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