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Manual & Diagram Credit
RB5SP Manual Kyosho
RB5SP Parts List
RB5SP2 Parts List
RB5SP Exploded View
UMW516 Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier(0°/0.50°/10°)
UMW514-515 Wide Aluminum Rear Suspension Holder
UM517 SP Conversion Part List & Manual
UMW518 ULTIMA RB5SP Big Bore Conversion Set
UMW519 SP Front Hinge Pin Brace
RB5SP2 Manual Kyosho
RB5SP2 Parts list with picture and Exploded View Kyosho
RB5SP2WC Manual
RB5SP2WC Exploded View
RB5SP2WC Parts List
RB5SP2WC - Intro
RB5/ZX5 Spring Rates
RB5SP Wheel Rates F. Simonini
RB5SP Big Bores Spring & Wheel Rates F. Simonini
Kyosho "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Blank Setup Sheet
RB5SP2 WC -Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
RB5SP2 -Editable Setup Sheet v5 Mick Downey
RB5SP -Editable Setup Sheet v2 Nick Caro
RB5SP -Editable SetupSheet Kevin King / Arn0
Starting Setup
RB5SP -Akimoto - Yatabe Arena, can be used in any other circuit Yaggy
RB5SP -Rob Betts RC Tech
RB5SP -Brian McDuffie - 13.5 R.Watchorn
RB5SP2 WC -Brian Munn Base Setup RC Tech
RB5SP2 WC -+13mm Setup J. Scales
Tips & Tricks
RB5SP2 - Weight amount and location RC Tech
How-To Bleed Kyosho Shocks
Kyosho’sJared Tebo Prepping His RB5 for a Race - He is the first installment ofJared Tebo getting his Kyosho RB5 ready for a race weekend. Car Action
Diff Break-in and Adjustment with Kyosho’sJared Tebo -Jared Tebo’s routine on breaking in and adjusting his ball diff in the Kyosho RB5. Car Action
Slipper Clutch Adjustment with Kyosho’sJared Tebo -Jared Tebo runs us through his routine on properly adjusting the slipper clutch on the RB5. This routine work well for all types of buggies. Car Action
AvidRC HD Long Rear Axle Conversion

Astrotruf Driver Event - Place Compositon Traction Surface Credit
30.06.2012 Nick Caro (SP2) Swedish Nats - Skarpnack Astroturf/Clay Medium Smooth David Ronnefalk
12.06.2011 Nick Caro (SP2) Club Meeting - Southport Astroturf High Bumpy N. Caro
16.07.2010 Nick Caro (SP) BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf with 2 cobbed sections, tarmac section and concrete High Bumpy N. Caro
16.05.2010 Nick Caro (SP) Club Race - Southport Astroturf High Bumpy N. Caro
Blue Groove
10.10.2010 Brian McDuffie (SP) JBRL Rd8 - HRH Blue Groove High Smooth RC Tech
12.09.2010 Brandon Devroede (SP) RC Exitement Blue Groove High Smooth Kyoshoforum
2010 Brian McDuffie (SP) Hot Rod Hobbies Blue Groove High Smooth R. Watchorn
2010 Brian McDuffie (SP) OCRC and WCRC Blue Groove R. Watchorn
16.09.2012 Cody Turner (SP2) JBRL Rd7 - WCRC Clay High Smooth, wet Kyosho
22.08.2012 Brandon Collins (WC/17.5) Bremerton Clay/Blue Groove High to Medium Smooth B. Collins
11-14.08.2012 Team Drivers ROAR Nats - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
08-10.07.2012 David Ronnefalk Euros - Fehring Clay (Blue Groove) Medium Smooth David Ronnefalk
09.06.2012 Darcness AMS Grand Blanc Clay Medium Smooth/Bumpy RC Tech
12-13.05.2012 Samy Bouterfas (WC/13.5) French Nats - Vic La Gardiole Dirt Low Bumpy S. Boutrefas
02.05.2012 Brandon Collins (WC/17.5) Bremerton Clay Low Smooth B. Collins
24.03.2012 David Ronnefalk (SP2) Tomelilla Clay Medium Smooth David Ronnefalk
18.03.2012 Yusuke (SP2) RC Park GoJo Clay High Smooth, wet RC Park GoJo
28-29.01.2012 Jared Tebo (WC) Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth, wet Kyosho
15.01.2012 Joe Nolasco (WC) Clay High Smooth RC Tech
18.12.2011 Derek Furutani (SP2 +10mm) WCRC Clay High Smooth, Wet RC Tech
30.10.2011 Brian Munn (SP2WC) TRCR Clay Medium Smooth RC Tech
28-29.10.2011 Kohta Akimoto (SP2WC)
Shin Adachi (SP2WC)
Yatabe Arena Clay Low Smooth, Dry Kyosho
02-03.10.2011 Martial Bouillard (SP2) French Cup - Bonneville Clay Low Smooth, Dry M. Bouillard
17.09.2011 Brian McDuffie (SP2) JBRL - ORCR Clay Medium Smooth, Dry/Wet RC Tech
26.06.2011 Daniel Lea (SP2) PRCR Clay High Bumpy, Wet RC Tech
28-29.05.2011 Shin Adachi (Big Bore) ElectroChamps - FRT Clay Low, Dusty Bumpy, Dry RC Devil
30.01.2011 Jared Tebo (Big Bore)
Shaun Dunlap (Big Bore)
Team Kyosho USA (Big Bore)
Reedy Race - WCRC Clay Medium Smooth, Dry
15-16.01.2011 Jared Tebo (Big Bore) Winter Mid Wes Champ - WCRC Clay Low Smooth
Nov 2010 Joe Pilars PRCR Clay High Bumpy, wet M. Downey
Nov 2010 Jeremy PRCR Clay High Smooth RC Tech
Sept 2010 Keith Laymon CRCRC Clay Medium Smooth
27-29.08.2010 Jared Tebo (SP2) Surf City Classic - OCRC Clay Low Smooth Kyosho
19-22.08.2010 Jared Tebo (SP2) ROAR Nationals Clay Medium Bumpy Kyosho
20.08.2010 Akimoto Hiroshi (SP2) Yatabe Arena Clay Medium, Wet Smooth Yaggy
11.08.2010 Shin Adashi(SP2) Yatabe Arena Clay Kyosho
12.06.2010 Akimoto Kohta (SP2) Yatabe Arena Clay Medium, Wet Smooth Yaggy
27.02.2010 Akimoto Kohta (SP) YIO GO Clay Medium Smooth Yaggy
17.01.2010 Jared Tebo (SP) CRCRC - Winter Champ Clay Medium Smooth Kyosho
2009 Rob Betts (SP) Long Island Raceway Clay Medium Smooth, wet RCTech
23.07.2009 Akimoto Kohta (SP) Yatabe Arena Clay Yaggy
00.07.2009 Adashi Shinnosuke (SP) Yatabe Arena Clay Low-Med Smooth - Bumpy Kyosho
12.07.2009 Akimoto (SP) Yatabe Arena Clay Low-Med Smooth - Bumpy Yaggy
28.06.2009 Jayson Pang (SP) ROAR Nats Clay J. Pang /kyoshoforum
25.05.2009 Akimoto (SP) Yatabe Arena Clay High Smooth Yaggy
08-09.06.2012 Samy Bouterfas (WC/13.5) French Nats - Feytiat Dusty Low Bumpy S. Boutrefas
16.03.2012 Joe Scales (SP2WC) Tekin Showdown Dusty Medium Smooth J. Scales
07.06.2009 Shimizu Takeshi (SP) RC Park Gojo Dusty Medium Smooth, Dry
08-09.06.2012 Samy Bouterfas (WC/13.5) French Nats - Montigny Grass Medium S. Boutrefas
20.02.2011 Nick Caro (SP) Worksop Indoor Rd5 Low-Medium-HighHigh Bumpy N. Caro
16.01.2010 Shin Adashi (SP)
Richard Cree (SP)
Nick Caro (SP)
Simon Willets (SP)
Petit RC Race Carpet / Wood High Smooth N. Caro
03.01.2010 Nick Caro (SP) Worksop Rd3 Sport hall Medium Smooth N. Caro
20.12.2009 Nick Caro Worksop Rd2 Sport hall Medium Smooth N. Caro
Nov 2009 PerErik Nordman (SP) Swedish Cup - Arsnda Carpet High
Loose Dirt
Soft Dirt


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