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BJ4Blank Setup Sheet JConcepts
RichardLowe - Rear end modification Oople
Starting Setup
General Grass/Astroturf Setup Oople

Black-Blue Groove Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
29/04/2007 Charlie Perez Western Slope Challenge Blue Groove/Clay Medium Wet RC10B4
14-19/08/2006 Peter Pinisch European Champs - Vienna, Austria Blue Groove/Carpet Abrasive RC10B4

13/08/2006 Jared Tebo ROAR Off-Road Nats Blue Groove High Slick RC10B4

05-06/08/2006 Ryan Eckert Region 4 Champs - Jacksonville, Florida

Blue Groove - Wet Loamy/Ruts - Abrasive RC10B4
20/07/2006 Frank Root Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout Black Groove RC10B4
19/03/2006 Jarod Tebo Cactus Classic
Comments: slighty heavier version of the Worlds Setup with an addition of the sway bar
Black Groove - Wet Broken - Abrasive RC10B4
23/01/2006 Jason Ruona
JR Mitch
Lake Park

"This is pretty much my standard Worlds Edition setup sheet for local races. If the track is Bumpy and loose I will remove the rear sway bar."
Blue Groove High Smooth RC10B4
26-28/07/2007 Richard Cree European Champs - Vaasa Clay - Hard Slick RC10B4
15/04/2007 Richard Cree BRCA Rd1 - Tiverton Clay - Dry RC10B4

Charlie Perez

Western Slope Challenge Clay - Dusty Low Bumpy RC10B4

20/12/2005 Brent & Rod PlanetRC Clay High RC-Tech

15/04/2007 Richard Cree & Paul Rotheram BRCA Nats - Tiverton Dirt Oople
Grass - Astrosturf
05.07.2009 Richard Lowe Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf
09/06/2007 Richard Lowe
Paul Rotheram
BRCA Nats - BuryMetro Astroturf Very Bumpy Oople
27/06/2006 Jimmy
Southport Astroturf / Grass Oople
07/05/2006 Mat Latham Batley Astroturf / Grass Hobbytec

Indoor surface
07.03.2010 Martial Bouillard French Nats - Zillisheim Carpet High Smooth M. Bouillard
17.01.2010 Richard Lowe Petit RC Race - Maritime Carpet / Wood High / Low Smooth Petit RC
15.03.2009 Richard Lowe Supercup - Batley Oople
18.01.2009 Richard Lowe Petit RC Race - Maritime Carpet / Wood Medium Smooth Petit RC
09.11.2008 Xavier Ansellem (Fr) Champions Cup Carpet Medium
28.09.2008 Richard Lowe Worksop Indoor Rubber floor Oople
00/11/2007 Peter Pinisch Indoor Winter Champs Carpet RC10B4 - More Pics

26/03/2006 Richard Lowe Batley Indoors Finals 50% Carpet, 50% Gym floor No hard landing RC10B4
12-13/11/2005 Florent Sarda Champs Cup - Neuville du poitou Sandy Low-Med Petit RC
15/08/2005 World Champs - Collegno Sandy/dusty - Wet Low Bumpy RC10B4

13/05/2007 Richard Cree
Paul Rotherham
Richard Barton
BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf/Brick/Dirt/ Tarmac Oople
26/04/2006 Richard Lowe
Chris Rowcliff
BRCA Batley 40% Astrostuff/40% Grass/10% Dirt/10% Conrete - Dry OopleRC10B4

Black-Blue Groove Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
10/04/2005 Ryan Cavalieri Losi Race - Lake Park Blue Groove High Smooth - Dry RC10B4
23/3/2005 Ryan Mayfield Cactus Classic Blue Groove High Smooth - Small jumps RC10B4
19/10/2004 JR Mitch Minnreg Regional Blue Groove/Sandy - Wet Medium/High Bumpy/Smooth RC10B4
18/09/2004 Ryan Eckert
Jason Ruona
Daytona Blue Groove/Dusty Medium Bumpy/Smooth RC10B4
07/2004 Greg Hodapp
Mark Pavidis
Blue Groove Super High Smooth RC10B4
3/2004 Ryan Mayfield Cactus Classic Blue Groove/Sandy High Smooth RC10B4
Grass - Astrostuff
21/06/2005 Richard Lowe & Tom Cockerill BRCA Bury Grass High RC10B4

11/8/2004 Martial Desrameaux St Denis de l'h˘tel
>Richard Lowe comments: Green/No1/25wt, it stopped the back end skipping about and the car felt a lot more planted, I didn't get chance to try Black springs though
Grass - Dry High Bumpy
Indoor surface
11/09/2004 Richard Lowe York Indoors 75% Carpet, 78% hall floor Smooth Small jumps RC10B4

Ryan Cavalieri World Warm Up - Collegno Sandy/dusty - Dry Low Bumpy RC10B4
08/2004&10/2004 Al Horne Michigan State Challenge Soft dirt/Sandy - Wet Medium Bumpy RC10B4

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