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KF - Manual - KF - Manual Racing Cars
KF - Exploded View - KF2 - Exploded View
Gear Chart
Schumacher "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock
KF - Features & Pictures
KF2 - Features & Pictures
KF prototype
KF Dirt Build J. Inns
KF2 - Review RRCI
Blank Setup Sheet
KF - Blank Editable Setup Sheet
KF2 - Blank Editable Setup Sheet
Base Setups
KF - Tony Newland - Baseline setup for the KF buggy with low grip chassis set
KF2 - James Helliwell - RHR - Astroturf dry
KF2 - Trish Neal - RHR - Astroturf wet
KF2 - Tom Cockerill - Carpet Setup
Micheal Hanulec - Base Setup (KF2/17.5)
Tips & Tricks
Build tips
KF Electronics Setups
KF2 Electronics Setups
Emulsion Shocks
3rd hole on rear arm T. Cockerill
How to get narrow wheels T. Cockerill
Belt Change J. Parnot

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
06-07.08.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2) oOple Race - RHR Astroturf Medium Bumpy Schumacher
06-07.08.2016 Trish Neal (KF2) BRCA Nats - Telford Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher
08.05.2016 Oliver Speith (KF2) Practice - Langenfeld Astroturf Low Bumpy O. Speith
27.09.2015 Tom Yardy (KF2) Summer Series - Telford Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher
09-10.05.2015 Julien Parnot (KF2) French Nats - Maisons-Alfort Astroturf High Bumpy J. Parnot
11.04.2015 Trish Neal (KF2) BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf Medium Bumpy Racing Cars
29.03.2015 Julien Parnot (KF2) Gargenville Astroturf Low-Medium Bumpy J. Parnot
22.03.2015 Ben Jemison (KF2) RHR Astroturf High Bumpy B. Jemison
14.03.2015 David Poulter (KF2) WS Rd6 - Silvertone Astroturf High Smooth D. Poulter
Jan 2015 James Helliwell (KF2) Testing - RHR Astroturf Medium, dry Bumpy Schumacher
Jan 2015 Trish Neal (KF2) Testing - RHR Astroturf Low, wet Bumpy Schumacher
04-05.10.2014 Julien Parnot (LG) French Cup - Vierzon Astroturf High & Low J. Parnot
27.09.2014 David Poulter PetitRC Race - Terrugem Astro + Paving Very high D. Poulter
21.09.2014 Julien Parnot Gargenville Astroturf Low Bumpy J. Parnot
30.08.2014 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - RHR Astroturf Low Bumpy T. Cockerill
02.08.2014 Darren Bloomfield BRCA Nats - Stotforlf Astroturf High Bumpy T. Cockerill
05.07.2014 Tom Cockerill Belgian GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Low Smooth, Wet T. Cockerill
29.06.2014 Darren Bloomfield BRCA Nats - EPR Astroturf/Tarmac/Paving Low, Slippery T. Cockerill
31.05.2014 Rich Simps Robin Hood Raceway Astroturf High R. Simps
31.05.2014 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - TORCH Astroturf Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
11.05.2014 Trish Neal Regionals - Stotfold Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy T. Cockerill
03.05.2014 Darren Bloomfield BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf/Concrete High Bumpy T. Cockerill
12.04.2014 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf/Tarmac Medium Bumpy T. Cockerill
Dec. 2013 Tom Cockerill TORCH Astroturf Low Smooth T. Cockerill
Dec. 2013 James Wright Astroturf Low Wet J. Wright
Dec. 2013 Tom Cockerill Test - RHR Astroturf Low, greasy bumpy, damp T. Cockerill
01.10.2016 Larry Myers (KF2/17.5) Thornhill Clay Medium-High Smooth L. Myers
08.06.2016 Mel (KF2/17.5) SRS Clay High Smooth DRC
10-11.05.2016 Rasmus Karlsson (KF2) Sweden Cup - Orebro Clay Low Bumpy Racing Cars Sweden
16.04.2016 Peter Pinisch (KF2) Austrian Nats - Oberaich Clay Low Smooth Racing Cars
March 2016 Mel (KF2/17.5) SRS Clay High Smooth DRC
21-24.01.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2) RRoC - OCRC Clay Medium Bumpy Racing Cars
12.08.2015 Matt Tilchen (KF2) RC Clubhouse Clay Medium Bumpy RC Tech
09.08.2015 Micheal Hanulec (KF2/17.5) Cruzin'RC Clay Low Smooth RC Tech
06-08.08.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2)
Julien Parnot (KF2)
EC - RHR Dirt Dirt Medium Smooth Schumacher
13.02.2015 S. Maizer (KF2) Wolcott Clay Medium Smooth S. Maizer
26.10.2014 Jerome Treignier Ste Hyacinthe Hard Packed Clay Medium Smooth J. Treignier
12.10.2014 Richard Brodie SRS Clay High Grooved Schumacher
14.09.2014 Tony Newland ICRC Clay Medium-High Grooved T. Newland
09.08.2014 Tony Newland ICRC Clay Medium T. Newland
01.08.2014 Tony Newland Addiction RC Clay Medium/High Smooth T. Newland
12.04.2014 Tony Newland Addiction RC Clay Medium/High Smooth T. Newland
11-16.03.2014 Carson Wernimont Cactus Classic Clay High Smooth T. Cockerill
15.02.2014 Jason Pietsch Clay/Dirt Medium J. Pietsch
28.02.2014 Tom Cockerill Motorama Clay Low Bumpy, soft T. Cockerill
23-25.09.2013 Tom Cockerill World Championship - Chico Clay w sugar High Smooth Racing Cars
25.09.2016 Ian Joyner South Lakes Grass Low Bumpy I. Joyner
19.06.2016 Ian Joyner (KF2) X Board Chal. - Dumfries Grass Low Bumpy P. Jones
22.06.2014 Andy Jones Regional - Kinckley Grass Medium P. Jones
June 2014 Steve Grass Medium Steve
06-08.01.2017 Michal Orlowski (KF2)
DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Low Smooth Schumacher
18-20.11.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Warsaw Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
22.10.2016 Tommy Bergfelt (KF2)
Henrik Karlsson (KF2)
Eskilstuna Carpet Low Smooth Schumacher Sweden
01.10.2016 Tommy Bergfelt (KF2)
Henrik Karlsson (KF2)
Training EOS Carpet High Smooth Schumacher Sweden
18.09.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
30.04.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2)
David Poulter (KF2)
Oliver Speith (KF2)
EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth Schumacher

O. Speith
23-24.04.2016 Oliver Speith (KF2) Toyfair - Dortmund Carpet Medium Smooth O. Speith
12-13.03.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2) French Nats - Montbrison Carpet Low Smooth Schumacher
12.03.2016 Tom Yardy (KF2) WS - Silverstone Astroturf High Bumpy Schumacher
09-31.01.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
09-31.01.2016 Danny McGee (KF2) Worksop Carpet Medium Smooth Schumacher
08-10.01.2016 Michal Orlowski (KF2)
Oliver Speith (KF2)
DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Low Smooth Schumacher
O. Speith
28-29.11.2015 David Poulter (KF2) ORW - Maritime Carpet-Wood Low Smooth D. Poulter
20-22.11.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
08.11.2015 Richard Taylor (KF2) oOple - Chadderton Cork Floor Low Smooth Schumacher
07.11.2015 William Venables (KF2) Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth oOple
31.10.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) Mibo - Hrotovice Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
03-10.10.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) WC - Yatabe Arena Astroturf High Smooth Schumacher
27.09.2015 Nathan Waters (KF2) Indoor Masters - Worksop Cork Floor Low Smooth Schumacher
18-20.09.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Nurburgring Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
15-17.05.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Trencin Carpet High Smooth Schumacher
Mar. 2015 Lloyd Storey (KF2) WS - Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth Racing Cars
Mar. 2015 Lloyd Storey (KF2) WS - West Bridgford Carpet Medium Smooth Racing Cars
27-29.03.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Wels Carpet High Smooth M. Orlowski
31.01.2015 Julien Parnot (KF2) MCVE Carpet Medium/High Bumpy J. Parnot
31.01.2015 Michal Orlowski (KF2) EOS - Berlin Carpet Medium Smooth Racing Cars
09-11.01.2015 Michal Orlowski DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Medium/High Racing Cars
Dec. 2014 Tom Cockerill (KF2) Carpet High Smooth T. Cockerill
22.11.2014 Tom Cockerill Mibosport Cup Carpet Medium T. Cockerill
08.11.2014 Tom Cockerill
David Poulter
ORW - Maritime Carpet/Wood Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
24-26.10.2014 Carson Wernimont EOS - Poznan Carpet/Wood Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
12.10.2014 David Poulter WS - Silverstone Astro/Carpet/Wood Very high D. Poulter
05.10.2014 Simon Moss
Nathan Waters
WS Rd1 - Worksop Cork Floor Medium
Smooth T. Cockerill
Racing Cars
15.08.2014 Julien Parnot Dammartin Gym floor + Carpet Medium Smooth J. Parnot
15.07.2014 Jonathan Cergy Pontoise Carpet/PVC High/Low Smooth RC Tech
23.02.2014 Fredrik Rasmussen Bildoy Raceway Carpet Medium/High Smooth F. Rasmussen
22.02.2014 Tom Cockerill BWOC - Silverstone Astroturf High Smooth T. Cockerill
17-19.01.2014 Tom Cockerill EOS - Berlin Carpet High T. Cockerill
17.01.2014 Shaun Thompson Club race - Caldicot Carpet Medium/Low S. Thompson
11-12.01.2014 Tom Cockerill DHI Cup - Odense Carpet Low T. Cockerill
11.01.2014 Ashley Caunt Masters - Silverstone Astroturf Very high A. Caunt
05.01.2014 Tom Cockerill
James Helliwell
Worksop Cork Floor Low-Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
J. Helliwell
14.12.2013 Tom Cockerill Xmas Race - Dammartin Carpet Medium-Low T. Cockerill
10.11.2013 James Helliwell Worksop Rd2 Cork Floor Low/Medium J. Helliwell
11.11.2013 Tom Cockerill Silverstone Series Rd2 Astroturf Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
03.11.2013 Tom Cockerill BWT Rd2 - BCA Astroturf Medium Smooth T. Cockerill
18-20.10.2013 Tom Cockerill EOS - Poznan Carpet Medium Smooth Racing Cars
Oct.2013 Tom Cockerill Silverstone (Indoor) Astroturf Medium Smooth Racing Cars

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