After additional test, this setup saw major improvement and can be superseeded by this one.

I raced at IRCR tonight, havent ran there in at least 6 months, their track is med grip I would say... hard packed clay with a bit of dust. Making it alittle tricky to find optimal grip. I wanted to see how hte KF would react to less than optimal track conditions. Here's what I came up with. My car by the main ran the same hero lap as all but the winner 2 mistakes put me back to 4th place, but overall I was satisfied with keeping pace on such a tricky surface, racing against guys that run that track every week.

First I improvised my own rear tower conversion since the U4616 has been backordered forever... this was a huge improvement in rear grip and predictability of the car. I also lowered the roll center by running the rear lower holes and front upper holes with 3.5mm spacers in the rear arm holders... works out to be like .15deg antisquat.. as close to 0 as you can get with max lowered roll center. I also drilled a hole further in on the tower to gain lateral grip (see pics) The car reacted very well.. I also stiffened up the front to try and deaden the response, I ran 35 oil and black front springs... it still feels soft, I would of liked to go with 37.5 or even 40 wt. I did alot of comparing our car to the 22 in regards to the geometry, my rear is pretty close to the maifield drilled rear... but the front is a ways off, we need to really go stiff to match what theyre team guys are running. 35 is hte thickest oil I had with me so next time Ill try heavier, Im sure it will be better. The car drove really well in tough conditions. About 1/3 of the field ran rear motor. To finish 4th in mod buggy and match all but the leaders hero laps was a success imo


T. Newland