- Schumacher Cougar KF - Rich Simps - Robin Hood Raceway - June 2014 -

Grip is high.
The track is quite technical with some medium size jumps, bomb holes and a large banked corner.
The conditions were dry.

Set up wise most people are running 4 deg toe in one way or another. if you have a stock kit just put a 0.5mm thick washer between the rear block and gearbox. Most of the team guys are adding weights down the outside edge of the chassis between the end of the Lipo, or running brass plate under the shorty. They look to have around 40g at least on there.

My set up for Astro so far is
Caster +5 blocks
STD kit wishbones turn round so screws at the front
Shock in outside hole wishbone
Shock in middle hole tower
Link in outside hub hole with 2mm washers on inside
1 deg toe in
-1 camber
3mm of washers on outer steering arm to reduce bump steer.
400 core oil (my go to 450)
std 3 Hole pistons
Blue Core springs
White low drag shock seals
Ride height 19-20mm

Low Grip
7.5 Speed Passion
No weights (other than to balance chassis side to side).

Std antisquat
4 deg toe in
Long wheelbase
Gear diff with red seals 7000 wt Core oil
Shock inner wishbone hole
Shock upper in extra hole drilled one full hole inside the most inner std tower hole.
Shock tower Ver 2 shocks to rear
3 hole piston drilled to 1.6mm
350 Core oil
Blue Core spring
Thinnest rear roll bar
-1.5/-2 camber
18mm ride height
10mm on the wing
Std kit wishbones (some team guys are using KR rear wishbones)
Link outer hole on std rear plastic hub and 3mm under ball on std kit dink

Schumacher yellow cut staggers (worn) front, no insert
Schumacher yellow minispike rear, blue med insert (try Yell Mini pin if rules allow)
This was my final setup on the last run last night, the biggest improvement was going up from 300 to 350 core oil in the rear shocks, this made the rear planted on the bumps and you could really bang the power on. I also added another 1mm to the front link to gain a bit more exit steering (included on the set-up). The only things I wish to try now is a ball diff, weights and 450 front oil.