Under the sun, about 150 cars were present on Saturday for the 2014 Cup organized this year on the beautiful Astro track of M.A.R.C.V. Club in the centre of France.
Qualifying went well for the Schumacher drivers with the Cougar KF and CAT K1 Aero performing well on the high grip astro track.

After qualifying, the result of Schumacher A main drivers:

3rd Julien Parnot Cougar KF
9th Benjamin Sion Cougar KF
10th Olivier De Monfumat Cougar KF

6th Olivier De Monfumat CAT K1 Aero
9th Julien Parnot CAT K1 Aero

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, the rain changed the situation from the fourth qualifying round and the finals were run on a wet and cold track.

In 2wd Julien Parnot came from 3rd on the grid to win the race claiming his first national victory. His Cougar KF was dialed in the slippery conditions. Olivier De Monfumat backed this up finishing in 5th with Benjamin Sion finished 7th.

1st  PARNOT Julien - Cougar KF
2nd  GALLO SELVA Sylvain
3rd  DEROCH Stéphane
4th  BERTHIER Thibault
5th  DE MONTFUMAT Olivier - Cougar KF
6th  HELIAS Cyrille - Cougar SV2
7th  SION Benjamin - Cougar KF
8th  VALTIER Ludovic
9th  SEYSEN Kévin
10th PEUZIAT Valentin
11th BRUNERIE Julien
12th DESBROSSES Alexandre

In 4wd Olivier De Monfumat finished in 9th place and Julien Parnot 10th.

1st VALTIER Ludovic
2nd GALLO SELVA Sylvain
3rd BENNARDO Gilles
4th PAIN Frédéric
5th PEUZIAT Valentin
6th BEAUQUIER Alexandre
7th DEROCH Stéphane
8th JADOT Florent
9th DE MONTFUMAT Olivier - CAT K1 Aero
10th PARNOT Julien - CAT K1 Aero
11th CLAUX Jonathan
12th SEYSEN Kévin

Congratulations from all at Schumacher!


J. Parnot