- Schumacher Cougar KF - Jonathan - Cergy-Pontoise - 15.06.2014 -

Track conditions:
50% PVC very low traction, 50% thick carpet very high traction

Today I finally got a chance to go to the track and have some setup fight !

I was well prepared to get stuff right. Here's the basic setup:

-Blue cut stagger no insert:
-5 yoke
-outside link 50.5mm
-4.0 springs 450cst std piston
-outside spring on the wishbone middle on the tower
-no shims under ctr
-front ackermann
-1mm under camber link stud
-Middle position c hub
-1 toe out
-Yellow mini pin medium insert
-Inside link 3 dink
-2.0 spring 350cst std piston
-inside spring on the wishbone middle on the tower
-3mm toe in (3.9 total) and 3mm for the antisquat
-Gear diff 12500cst
-1mm under camber link stud
-medium wheelbase
-shock tower fliped with 12mm shim.
-low grip convertion chassis

Here's what I changed and it did or didn't do :
-Ball diff gave me way sharper turns on high grip bits when touching the brakes I prefered the gear as I have found it to give me better control in mid corner. On slipery surface it didn't change much.
-3mm Antisquat to 1mm prosquat didn't do much expect if anything make it worse and lost traction even on the high grip.
-Front blue tyre compound made the car easier by quite a bit from the yellow compound.
-I've made 5x25gr shims to fit at the back of the car behind the rear diff. 50gr made the car a little bit more planted coming to 100gr made the rear too heavy and started waving back and forth out of the corners.
-The flipped shock tower helped the car feel a tad more planted especially at speed.
(here's the big one ! )
-The car being twichy as hell I decided to go from 3 dink inside hole to outside hole with 2 dink and boy oh boy did that change the whole thing!

So much more stable, not twitchy at all in comparison and she even was lazy to go in the corners ! A bit too lazy to be honest...
And on the slippery surface way more stable no more fishtailing a very smooth trajectory.

I'm very relieved to have finally found a lead and solution to this car and the track :).

I'm planing on getting the front/rear mount links to try and perhaps loose the laziness of the rear and make the front only slightly lazier/less aggressive.

As many people discovered when assembling the low grip conversion kit you have to trim a little the right hand side pod so that the shorty can be placed.
But even with that the rear wheel gets in the way... So what I did is to fit on the right hand side the lipo post on the original position and use the original battery strap like so :

I filed a 70mm wide slot (although 55mm will be enough) and 8mm height (keeping 6mm height to keep the battery).
You can then pull in and out the battery without any fuss :