- Schumacher Cougar KF - Tony Newland - Addiction RC - 01.08.2014 -

I changed a few things from my std setup: Added 10g to either side of my shorty pack, Team Fbomb 8g brass weight in the rear, out one hole on front shock top mount, alloy caster blocks, emulsion style shocks (been running those for a while), inside hole on rear hub, med wheelbase. The car was glued to the track, it actually started to push slightly.

There's a couple things you'll want to do when you build the kit... first is dremel the body for clearance on the spur gear...

I am running your base LGC setup, only difference is outside holes on rear hubs. Issue I am having is the car wants to snap around a bit too fast on low speed corners, basically just over steering in some instances. Sweepers are dialed! Hard to describe I guess, but almost twitchy. Is there a way to just calm the chassis movements down just a touch? Like Im at a 10 now on twitchiness, the stock original setup was a 4, I want this thing at like an 8.
There are several ways to tame the steering down on our car.... the question is where do you need it to calm down? entry, middle or exit? Also assuming the rear is right where you want it

Here are a few things I change to do that:

stand front shocks up on tower, that will usually take out exit steering through the middle, kind of takes the "bite" out of it

lengthen front link to outer hole in caster block, thats an overall decrease in steering imo... entry, middle, exit... you could also raise the inner ball stud, but it will be a small change compared to the link

raise the steering turnbuckle, I run 2mm under the ball stud on knuckle and lift the entire rack the same. This seems to mellow out the first 50% of steering sensitivity for me

flip the front arms, this lengthens the wheelbase slightly, puts less weight on the front end

raise the steering hub position inside the caster block, for me the more its raised it mellow out initial steering, the lower it is the more "bite" it have entering the corner. This also shifts F-R weight balance slightly

You can also look at the rear to mellow out the steering, Most of my adjustments at the track are on the rear.

Add alittle weight to the sides of your shorty pack... even 5g will make a big improvement in rear side bite

lay shocks down all the way, add side bite

unscrew shock ends for more droop, more side bite, more weight transfer

shorten rear link, adds side bite, more camber gain throughout the stroke

lower rear link, same as above

run 0 deg anti squat, allows max weight transfer to rear tires on power

3.5deg rear toe in, adds alot of on power stability

Those are things I messed with this weekend. I suggest trying some of them when the track is consistent back to back and feel what the changes do and more importantly how big of a change they make. Then when the track changes you know which one to change and how much. That will make round to changes much more predictable and consistent.


T. Newland