- Schumacher Cougar KF - Jeremy Inns - Dirt build -

All the parts ready for a couple days for work.

Step 1 is the motor mount and gear box.

As I plan to run this as a dirt car I had to put the low grip chassis on it.

After some wet sanding and CA glue the edge was a perfect smooth gloss.

Step 2 was the upper lay shaft.

Then the slipper set up on the lower/main layshaft. Also threw on a 71 tooth spur.

Step 2 was the rest of the transmission.

Then it was time for the belt tensioner.

Start of the gear diff now. Also interesting note on this car next to my last KF. I would guess this being a 2014 car and my other being a 2013 as this has an update on the diff O rings and the center pully had it's fences pressed on already.

Fully built and loaded with 2000cst. Feels a bit light so I'll most likely end up nearer to 5000cst.

Also picked up the aluminum upper bulkhead to run the shocks in reverse.

Utterly beautiful when bolted together.

Rest of the plastic guards on and some carbon bits, again nicely sealed.

Toe blocks again, didn't have time to take the purple off though it will be gone soon.

Added the upgrade steering rack.

A Savox 1258tg takes hold of steering dutys, shortened wire and black wrapped of course.

Getting there now.

Both decks on.

I replace these little plastic spacers with 1mm shims, removes some slop and has a bit of a smoother movement.

Now here's where I stop following the book so the build starts to go all over the place a bit but I find it easier to build all the shocks in one go than step by step.

Rear mount finally makes sense.

17.5t Thunder Power.

Also a new Orion R10.1

It will be interesting to see how this goes next to my old R10

After a couple more steps I was too lazy to take photos of this is where the build is for now. The rest will be getting done tomorrow and a test session will commence.