- Schumacher Cougar KF - Tom Cockerill - EOS - Poznan - 18-20.10.2013 -

ESC: Nosram Motor: Nosram
Batteries: Nosram
Radio: Ko Propo
Servo: Sanwa

British ace Tom Cockerill is running the new as yet unnamed prototype Schumacher 2wd buggy here in Poland. The same car that he used at the recent World Championships in Chico it is still not in its final configuration but we are told it is due for release in the next few months. Happy with the performances of his new ride, he said he has only had to make a slight adjustment to the car’s basic carpet setup to deal with the different tires but for the rest the set-up has remained the same as from when he races it in the UK.


Rear control tire – Pro-Line Pin Point Z3 Compound (#8228-103)
Front control tire – Pro-Line Wedge Z3 Compound (#8225-103) (The 2WD Front tire does not come with an insert and most will run it without an insert. Insert choice is open)

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