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Cat SXIII - Manual Racing Cars
Cat SXIII - Exploded View Racing Cars
Cat SXIII - Gear Chart S. Mure
Schumacher "Big Bore" Springs Vs Small Bore Spring Arn0
"Big Bore" Springs on "Small Bore" Shock Arn0
Cat SXIII - Build Report RC Racer
Cat SXIII - Review J. Desmond
Blank Setup Sheet
Cat SXIII - Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Standard Setup
Simon Moss - Base setup oOple
Lloyd Storey - Wet Astrotruf Setup Racing Cars
Tips & Tricks
Rear shocks mount RC Tech
Wheelbase Modification to 285mm Schumacher France

Astrotruf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
26.08.2012 Simon Moss BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astrotruf High Dry Racing Cars
06-08.07.2012 Grant Williams Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astrotruf Low-High Damp-Wet-Dry Racing Cars
13.05.2012 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - RHR Astrotruf High/Medium Racing Cars
14.08.2011 Tom Cockerill BRCA Nats - Southport Astrotruf High Bumpy Racing Cars
30-31.07.2011 Tom Cockerill oOple Race - RHR Astrotruf Medium Racing Cars
July 2011 Jorg De Houwer Arendonk Astrotruf High Smooth with some bumps
01-03.07.2011 Nicolas Risser
Tom Cockerill
Belgian GP - Kampenhout Astrotruf High Smooth oOple
Racing Cars
12.06.2011 Bart Van Echelpoel Arendonk Astrotruf High Smooth with some bumps B. Van Echelpoel
12.06.2011 Lloyd Storey Regionals - Silverstone Astrotruf Low Wet Racing Cars
29.05.2011 Matthew Latham BRCA Natl - Tallywain Astrotruf Medium to Low Bigredlidz
09.05.2011 Tom Cockerill BRCA Natl - RHR Astrotruf High Racing Cars
2011 Lloyd Storey Stotfold Astrotruf High Racing Cars
Blue Groove
03.09.2011 Stephen Maizer East States Champs Blue/Black Groove Medium Smooth Racing Cars
Summer 2012 Bill Sutton Ottawa Clay RC Ottawa
August 2012 Bill Chronopoulos Canada Hard Clay Medium-Low Dusty, Bumpy B. Chronopoulos
09-14.07.2012 Tom Cockerill Euros - Fehring Clay Medium Racing Cars
12.04.2012 Jason Tahara MHOR Clay Medium-High J. Tahara
19.11.2011 Stephen Maizer RCHR GP Clay High Racing Cars
01.11.2011 Jason Tahara Club Race - MHOR Clay High RC Tech
09.2011 Bart Van Echelpoel Practice - Luik Clay Low Bumpy RC-Offroad
30-31.07.2011 Tom Cockerill Worlds - Vaasa Clay Medium/Low Smooth Racing Cars
30.06.2011 Raul Garcia Club Race Clay High Damp RC Tech
29.05.2011 Stephane Peeters BNK - Vlijmen Clay Medium RC-Offroad
22.05.2011 Tom Cokerill World Warm-up - Vaasa Clay Low Smooth Racing Cars
12-13.05.2012 Jeremy Desmond French Nats - Vic La Gardiole Dirt Low Bumpy J. Desmond
25-28.08.2011 Tom Cokerill
Bart Van Echelpoel
Euros - Pau Dirt Low Bumpy Racing Cars
10.07.2011 Simon Moss BRCA National - Oswerty Grass/Dirt Low-Medium Dry oOple
16.01.2012 Matthew Latham PetitRC Race - Ardent Carpet High Bigredlidz
16.01.2012 Tom Cockerill Area 51 Carpet High Racing Cars
08.01.2012 Jesper Rasmussen DHI Cup Carpet High Racing Cars
20.11.2011 Matthew Latham Chadderton Rubberised flooring Medium Bigredlidz
06.11.2011 Tom Cokerill Worksop Rubber Floor Medium-Low Racing Cars
06.11.2011 Tom Cokerill Worksop Rubber Floor Medium-Low Racing Cars
04.11.2011 Ralf Missel Indoor Dirt Race - Gschwendt Carpet High Racing Cars
07.06.2011 Tom Cokerill Moto Arena Carpet/Aspahlt High/Medium Racing Cars
Soft Dirt


2011 Simon Moss Kidderminster Multisurface High Racing Cars

Update: 08/02/2011