- Schumacher CAT SX3 - Nicolas Risser - Beligian GP - Kampenhout - 01-03.06.2011 -

Race report

MOST IMPORTANT THING front sway bar (medium): car was impossible to run safely without it . too easy to roll over.
Not yet FAB system but i think it's a must have
Rear tyre: no row cut
Front tyre: two outside row cut, one inside. If new front tyre, cut half of 3 th ouside row to loose some more front grip. (front + rear mini pin is probably faster but more difficult)

Dammage on the car:
- One middle belt during training (new renforced belt must be used soon)
- Front and rear shocktower changed before finals for safety (both have some marking on the fixing screw area).
- One front spring retainer lost in a big crash at first minutes of final 1 but Nicolas drive it to the end without to noticied that.

Fastest sx3 on the track after Tom Cockerill.
Final result: 14th

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