- Schumacher SX3 - Bill Sutton - Ottawa - Summer 2012 -

Wheel Base: Long
Rear Roll Bar: None
Rear Pivot Pin: Low
Rear Track: 1mmWashers = 1.3 Degrees
Anti-Squat: 0 Washers = 0 Degrees
Rear Ball Stud: 2.0 mm washers on inboard ball stud and 0 washers outboard
Camber Plate: 37.5 mm
Lower Shock Position: Inboard Hole
Upper Shock Poistion: Inboard Hole
Rear Hub: U3605 Alloy Rear Hubs (use outboard upper hole for ball stud)
Rear Shock Oil: 30 Weight Associated
Rear Shock Pistons: 4 Hole
Rear Shock Springs: 3.0
Rear Schock Rebound: 75%
NOTE: Rear shocks using long ball cups (Thread them in as far as you can check the rear driveshafts it is very close to one pin being outside the diff. If it is too close thread the ball cup in further.

Front Track: 1mm Forward & 1mm Aft Washers = 0 Degrees
Front Rake: 10 Degree Blocks
Front Camber Plate: 44 mm
Front Ball Stud (Inboard): 1.0 mm washers on ball stud
Front Ball Stud (Outboard): 2.0 mm washers on ball stud
Front Yoke: 12.5 Degree
Front Sway Bar: None
Front Shock Pistons: 4 Hole
Front Shock Springs: 3.5
Front Shock Oil: 35 Weight (Associated)
Front Shock Rebound: 100%
Lower Shock Mount: Middle Hole
Upper Shock Mount: Middle Hole

20 mm Ride Height
81 Tooth Spur
21 Tooth Pinion
6.5 Turn Trinity
Speed Passion GT 2.0 ESC Blinky Mode

Front Wheels: New Schumacher Rev Lite
Front Tires: AKA ReBars (Soft)
Front Inserts: Schumacher Blue

Rear Weels: New Schumacher Rev Lite
Rear Tires: AKA ReBars (Super Soft)
Rear Inserts: Schumacher Blue