- Schumacher Cat SXIII - Simon Moss - Oswerty - BRCA National - 10.07.2011 -

What's the idea of low and high pivot pointsand how does it work on the car?
I run the front pin high on the rear pivot pin because I feel it gives a better balance to the car. Running both pin high I found made the car rotate too much through the corner, whereas running them both low meant that the car was too locked in at the rear end - co for me too much grip.

What sort of weight are the team aiming for with the SX3?
I have nothing up front. The Trishbits centre weight can be used with Rudebits lipo tray. I have raised Tony's tray by 2mm all round and that means that the weight I have off Trish can clamp around this - the one I have is in 2 parts and screws in from the bottom.

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