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A700Evo / FFG Manual Awesomatix
A700 Evo - Details about upgrade
A700EvoII Manual Awesomatix
A700L2 Manual Awesomatix
RFG - Assembling Diagram
Gear Ratio
Suspension Rates
Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre CalculatorV162 THard
Spur Damper Set Awesomatix
A700 Evo II Presentation JD & Racing
A700 Evo II RFG Presentation JD & Racing
Memo Awesomatix
Blank Setup Sheet
A700 Evo Editable Setup Sheet Awesomatix/Arn0
A700 EvoII Editable Setup Sheet
A700L2 Editable Setup Sheet
The setups sheets from some our drivers still have the mistakes in the top deck setting indication.
So I have to explain again the main ideas of red dots in the flex settings of our setup sheet ( both for top deck and lower deck also):

#1. The red dot indicates that this point is fixed against any shifting (lateral and longitudinal). You can provide it by screw or by AT21/AT21S/ST24 ball stud.

#2. ST09 under outer (side) screws/AT21/AT21S/ST24 on the top deck prevents the fixing of this point of top deck and it should be indicated without a red dot according to #1.
(This is due to ST09 are higher than top deck thickness and these outer holes are bigger than ST09 diameter).

#3. ST09 under the central screw on the top deck doesn't prevent the fixing of this central point against the lateral and longitudinal shifting as the central hole has exactly the same diameter as ST09.
So this point should be with red dot even with ST09 installed into this hole (according to #1).
Tips & Tricks
Build up a A700 EvoII Awesomatix Info
Gear diff modification
Gear Diff 2 - Build & Review The RC Racer
Increased Ackermann Set
Steering Modification (May 2012)
#6 Dampers
ST07 Differential Outdrives
Installing P18/P19 Ball joint on ST3 Ball
Questions about optionnal parts
Electronics Setup
Torsional Stiffness
Rebuildable Damper Set Awesomatix USA
Motor Mount 2 Build Instructions (MM2) Awesomatix Info
Steps to setup your Awesomatix Awesomatix Info
Damper/Spring setup Awesomatix Info
SPR02 Modification Awesomatix Info
AM06 Overview Awesomatix
Rear Spring Bent Up M. Machler
ST69 Spring Screw Overview M. Machler

Awesomatix Setup Procedure R. Macker
Awesomatix Bodyshell Positions M. Machler
Starting Setup
A700Evo Carpet Setup Awesomatix
Vince Coleman Carpet Setup The RC Racer
A700EvoII Initial (Carpet) Setup Awesomatix
A700L2 Initial (Carpet) Setup Awesomatix

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
30-31.07.2016 Thomas De Nardis (Evo IIC/13.5) AOC - Canberra Technical Medium-High Awesomatix
27-29.05.2016 Christian Lopez (13.5) RRoC - Tamiya USA Low R1 Wurks
24.04.2016 Wes Raven (Evo II/17.5) GP - Tamiya USA Mixed High RC Tech
14.02.2016 Thomas De Nardis (Evo IIC/13.5) TFTR Masters Mixed-Fast Medium Awesomatix
27-29.08.2015 Viljami Kutvonen (Evo RFG)
Tony Streit (Evo RFG)
EC - Torres Novas Mixed Medium Awesomatix
12.07.2015 Maxim Laverychev (Evo2) Russian Nats - Tagonrog Fast Low-Medium M. Laverychev
26-28.06.2015 Viljami Kutvonen (Evo IIC) ETS - Trencin Awesomatix
22-24.05.2015 Josh Cyrul (Evo II) Reedy Race - Tamiya USA
01-03.05.2015 Viljami Kutvonen (Evo IIC) ETS - Mattsee Awesomatix
10-12.04.2015 Max Machler (EvoII/13.5) ETS - Riccione Fast Low-Medium M. Machler
01.03.2015 Thomas De Nardis (Evo IIC/13.5) TFTR Masters Mixed Low Awesomatix
07-09.11.2014 Simon Noton (Evo/13.5/MOD) North Island Champs - NHRCCC Mixed Low Awesomatix
09-12.10.2014 Freddy Sudhoff (Evo) World Champs - Kissimmee Awesomatix
28.09.2014 Thomas De Nardis (Evo/13.5) Stock Shootout - Wodonga Technical Low Awesomatix
13-14.09.2014 Shaun Batt (Evo/13.5) ESS - Adur Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix
29-31.08.2014 Max Machler (Evo/10.5) German Champs - Andernach Technical-Mixed Medium Awesomatix
29.08.2014 Thomas De Nardis (Evo FFG) Adrenaline Arena Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix
23.08.2014 Mike Gee / Mike Hanulec (Evo) Race of Champions - Jackson Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
04-06.07.2014 Viljami Kutvonen (Evo) ETS - Trencin Mixed-Fast Medium-High Awesomatix
06-08.06.2014 Freddy Sudhoff (Evo)
Max Machler (Evo/13.5)
Mike Gosvig (Evo/13.5)
ETS - Luxembourg Mixed-Fast Medium Awesomatix
24.05.2014 Mike Gee (Evo)
Larry Fairtrace (Evo/17.5)
Memorial Day Trophy Race - Jackson Technical Low Awesomatix USA
17-18.05.2014 Dionys Stadler (Evo) German Champs - Schweiz Fast Medium Awesomatix
16.05.2014 Monti (Evo) MWS - Toledo Mixed Low-Medium RC Tech
10-11.05.2014 Oliver Franke (Evo/13.5)
Freddy Sudhoff (Evo)
ETS - Mattsee Mixed
Medium/High O. Franke
27.04.2014 Mike Gee (Evo) Test - MRH Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
26.04.2014 Kyle Bergstrom (Evo/) Tamiya USA Fast Low RC Tech
20.04.2014 Max Machler (Evo/10.5) Russelsheim Mixed Low RC Tech
14.04.2014 Tony Tam (Evo/17.5) Tamiya USA mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
13.04.2014 Wen (Evo/13.5) LJ Mountain Technical Medium
02-06.04.2014 Mark Burt (Evo FFG) WC Warm-up - Kissemmee Fast Medium-High Awesomatix USA
06.04.2014 Jeremy Francois (Evo FFG/10.5) Bierset Fast Low J. Francois
26.03.2014 Thomas De Nardis (Evo FFG) Adrenaline Arena High RC Tech
10.12.2013 Thomas De Nardis (Evo FFG) Adrenaline Arena Mixed High Awesomatix
Carpet Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
16.01.2022 Max Machler (Evo2/VTA) RC Kleinserie - Remscheid Mixed Medium M. Machler
15.11.2015 Wayne Mah (Evo2) WCICS - Edmonton Technical-Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
18.10.2015 Bernhard Bopp (Evo2/13.5) Ingolstadt Mixed Medium Awesomatix Info
29.03.2015 Mike Gee (Evo2/13.5/17.5) ROAR Nats - Horsham Fast High Awesomatix USA
22.02.2015 Max Machler (EvoII/10.5) LR Challenge - Althengstett Mixed-Fast Medium-High Awesomatix
15.02.2015 Maxim Laverychev (Evo2) Russian Nats - Vladimir City Technical-Mixed Medium-High M. Laverychev
14.02.2015 Marcel Geiger (EvoII/10.5) ODW Raceway Mixed-Fast Medium-High Awesomatix
06-08.02.2015 Max Machler (EvoII/13.5)
Marcel Geiger (EvoII)
ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich Mixed-Fast Medium-High Awesomatix
01.02.2015 Mike Gee (Evo2/13.5/17.5)
Mark Burt (Evo2/17.5)
Snowbirds Nationals Technical
Awesomatix USA
22-25.01.2015 Viljami Kutvonen (Evo2) LRP TCM Mixed-Fast High M. Geiger
17.01.2015 Mike Gee (Evo2/17.5) Middle River Hobbies Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
11.01.2015 Jake Danilchik (Evo & Evo2)
Jacob Reyes (Evo)
WCICS - Victoria Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
11.01.2015 Anthony Saunders (Evo/17.5) HoBMax Fast Medium Awesomatix USA
10.01.2015 Michael Hanulec (Evo2/17.5) HorshamRC Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
13-18.10.2014 Kyle Klingforth (Evo/13.5)
Mike Gee (Evo/13.5)
IIC - Las Vegas Mixed High Awesomatix USA
20-21.09.2014 Oliver Franke (Evo/13.5) Max Machler (Evo/13.5) Nürburgring Technical-Mixed Medium-High O. Franke
14.09.2014 Max Machler (Evo/13.5) Odenwald Technical-Mixed Medium-High M. Machler
13.09.2014 Michael Hanulec (Evo/13.5+17.5) HorshamRC Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
26-27.04.2014 Dionys Stadler (Evo) German Champs - Ingolstadt Mixed Medium Awesomatix
11-14.04.2014 Josh Cyrul (Evo)
Mike Gee (Evo)
MHIC - 5280 Raceway Mixed Medium-High
Awesomatix USA
29-30.03.2014 Dionys Stadler (Evo) LRP TCM - Althengstett c Mediumx Awesomatix
21.03.2014 Vince Coleman (Evo) HRCC Mixed Mediumx The RC Racer
02.03.2014 Kody Knudtson (Evo)
Kyle Klingforth (Evo/13.5)
ROAR Nats - Omaha Technical-Mixed
J. Danilchik
Awesomatix USA
11-12.01.2014 Oliver Franke (Evo/13.5)
Viljami Kutvonen (Evo)
DHI Cup - Odense Mixed-Fast Medium O. Franke
07.12.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (Evo) FinTrack Tour - Tikkurila Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix
01-03.11.2013 Freddy Sudhoff (L Evo) ETS - Hrotovice Mixed High

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