- Awesomatix A700 - Increased Ackermann Set -

Oleg/Awesomatix team drivers - Do you have any photos/dimensions of the newly released IAS? Additional info on the following items would be greatly appreciated:
  • A700-AM20 AM20 IAS Steering Rod
  • A700-AM21 AM21 IAS Steering Plate
  • A700-AM22 AM22 IAS Steering Arm x 2
  • I'm interested to know how these compare to the stockers? I assume the team drivers have been testing the new setup. Any feedback?

    At the same time combination of AM20 and AM21 delivers a bit less AM20 Steering Rod travel.
    IAS set can provide more Ackermann value setting, more linear "steering feeling" near to max. steering angles but several degrees less max steering angle herewith.

    Steen Graversen likes to use this steering system although Ivan Laptev prefers standard steering set.
    So generally speaking it is a matter of personal preference and features of a particular driver.