- Awesomatix A700 - Roll Centre Calculator -

So, as a means of trying to figure out the car for asphalt, I've done my usual and produced a roll centre calculator, that helps to give an indication of where the car is... and as I suspected, the rear is higher than the front, which is probably why the car at the moment always feels snappy. In addition, compared to a lot of other cars out there, the RC is quite high, again probably why the soft soft setups work!

It's kind of useful to play around with, but I'll add the caveat that it's not the defacto roll centre, and doesn't take into account the dynamic movement.. but I used something similar before to get a Losi working well, so it has previous in terms of assistance.


Like I mention in the sheet, when I ran the Tamiya, the stock RC's out of that tool were F -2.6, R -5. When I ran the same tool on the Losi, I found the rear had the RC too low, so targeted a similar level of split to the tamiya... lo and behold, got my best result of the season after doing that!

XLS File - XLSX File