- Awesomatix A700 Series & A800 Series - Max Mächler - "Rear Spring Bent Up" -

As outdoor season come up soon, i am sure some people will read in some of our Team setups "Rear spring bent up (to110*)" and don't know excactly what this means.

Here I want to show it. We bent the tips of the rear spring some deg. up to generate a more linear spring action under compression.
I don't measure it excactly how much i bent it up, its only important that Left and Right is bent up same amount.
On the photo with the damper units you see in upper position the rear unit and lower the front unit. It you look close you see on the rear one the "gap" between SPR02 edge where Spring is normal attached to and the Tip of the SPR01 spring.

Hope this help some guys


M. Mächler