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Manual Source
A700 Manual - A700EXL Manual Awesomatix
Parts List Awesomatix
A700EXL - Details about upgrade Awesomatix
Gear Ratio Awesomatix
Suspension Rates
Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre Calculator - Roll Centre CalculatorV162 THard
Nice-to-have parts
Spur Damper Set Awesomatix
A700 Presentation - Electronics installation - Battery clamps set - UB-1 part / Universals bearings set - Ball Diff JD & Racing
A700 - Post-race Maintenance JD & Racing
A700 - Build Tips THard
A700 - Montage J. Porta
A700L Narrow chassis & 'floating' servo holder JD & Racing
A700L - Montage & Essai G-rem
A700L FFG Upgrade kit JD & Racing
Memo Awesomatix
Blank Setup Sheet
A700EXL Editable Setup Sheet Awesomatix/Arn0
A700 Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
The setups sheets from some our drivers still have the mistakes in the top deck setting indication.
So I have to explain again the main ideas of red dots in the flex settings of our setup sheet ( both for top deck and lower deck also):

#1. The red dot indicates that this point is fixed against any shifting ( lateral and longitudinal). You can provide it by screw or by AT21/AT21S/ST24 ball stud.

#2. ST09 under outer (side) screws/AT21/AT21S/ST24 on the top deck prevents the fixing of this point of top deck and it should be indicated without a red dot according to #1.
(This is due to ST09 are higher than top deck thickness and these outer holes are bigger than ST09 diameter).

#3. ST09 under the central screw on the top deck doesn't prevent the fixing of this central point against the lateral and longitudinal shifting as the central hole has exactly the same diameter as ST09.
So this point should be with red dot even with ST09 installed into this hole (according to #1).
Tips & Tricks
Build-up D. Joy
Need to know to setup your A700 with A700EXL setup sheet
Getting to know the Awesomatix A700L The RC Racer
Gear diff modification
Gear Diff 2 - Build & Review The RC Racer
Increased Ackermann Set
Steering Modification (May 2012)
#6 Dampers
ST07 Differential Outdrives
Installing P18/P19 Ball joint on ST3 Ball
Questions about optionnal parts
Electronics Setup
Torsional Stiffness
Rebuildable Damper Set
AM06 Overview Awesomatix
Rear Spring Bent Up M. Machler
ST69 Spring Screw Overview M. Machler
Awesomatix Setup Procedure R. Macker
Awesomatix Bodyshell Positions M. Machler
Starting Setup
A700 Kit Setup Awesomatix
A700 Steen Graversen's Basic Carpet Setup Awesomatix
A700 Freddy Sudhoff's Basic Carpet Setup RC Tech
A700EXL - Low roll center with AT21S Awesomatix
A700EXL Low roll center with AT21S and ETS carpet Ride tires (64mm) Awesomatix
A700EXL with ETS carpet Ride tires (64mm) Awesomatix

Asphalt Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
21-22.09.2013 Thomas Vigneron (EXL) French Nats - Emerainville Technical Low-Medium J. Jost
24-25.08.2013 Vincent Cavard French Cup - Besancon Fast High J. Jost
14-16.06.2013 Mike Gee (EXL)
Larry Fairtrace (EXL/17.5)
ROAR Region 2 - Jackson RC Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
14-16.06.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL/Mod&10.5) ETS - Traiskirchen Awesomatix
08.06.2013 Mike Gee (L/17.5) MRH - Baltimore Mixed Medium Awesomatix USA
25-26.05.2013 Thomas Vigneron French Nats - Nantes Mixed Medium J. Jost
25-26.05.2013 Austin Brumblay (L/17.5) Reedy Race - NorCal Hobbies Fast Medium Awesomatix USA
18.05.2013 Mike Gee ROAR Region 2 - Chesapeake Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix
04-05.05.2013 Dominic Vogl Austrian Nationals Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix
05.05.2013 Dionys Stadler Türkheim Fast Medium Awesomatix
04.05.2013 Richard King (L/13.5) BRCA Nats - Cotswold Fast Medium Awesomatix
31.03.2013 Aaron Young (17.5) NorCal Hobbies Fast Medium Racerlog
31.03.2013 Richard King (13.5) Demon GP - Aldershot Fast Low-High Awesomatix
01-03.03.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL/Mod&10.5) ETS - Gran Canaria Mixed Low RC Tech
Jan. 2013 James Chen (L/13.5) Ride Cup - RC Addict High Awesomatix
10.02.2013 John Doucakis (EXL) Test - FRT Mixed Medium RC Tech
16.09.2012 Gabriele Vignolini (13.5) UISP - Axa Mixed Medium RC Tech
25-26.08.2012 Scott Kilford South Australian State Title - AERCCC Mixed Medium S. Kilford
12.08.2012 Hugo Ragaut Danish Nats - Glostrup Technical Low RC Tech
23-24.06.2012 Hugo Ragaut French Nats - Vieux Charmont Fast Medium H. Ragaut
17.06.2012 Gabriele Vignolini (13.5) UISP - Sesso Technical High RC Tech
27.05.2012 Roberto Pezzini (10.5/Foam) Segrate Mixed Low RC Tech
20.05.2012 Ethan Erchinger Norcal Hobbies Mixed High RC Tech
06.05.2012 Ed Clark Practice - TRS Mixed Low RC Tech
28-29.04.2012 Hugo Ragaut French Nationals - Rumilly Technical High H. Ragaut
29.04.2012 Gabriele Vignolini (13.5) Italian UISP Champ - Telgate Mixed Medium RC Tech
22.04.2012 Ethan Erchinger Norcal Hobbies Mixed High RC Tech
15.04.2012 Chris Currau Antibes Medium (wet to dry) Mixed C. Currau
07.04.2012 Ethan Erchinger Norcal Hobbies Mixed High RC Tech
01.04.2012 Christophe Ruault Training - Ris-Orangis Mixed Medium Ch. Ruault
31.03.2012 Ethan Erchinger Tamiya America Mixed Medium RC Tech
31.03.2012 Jonathan Porta Frontenex Mixed Medium GMC
18.03.2012 Ed Clark Practice - RC Addict Technical High RC Tech
10.03.2012 Ethan Erchinger Norcal Hobbies Mixed Medium RC Tech
01-04.03.2012 Ed Clark Practice - RC Addict Technical High RC Tech
01-04.03.2012 Steen Graversen ETS - Gran Canaria Mixed Medium Awesomatix
23-26.02.2012 Ed Clark TITC Practice - RC Addict High Fast RC Tech
25.02.2012 Ethan Erchinger Norcal Hobbies Medium Mixed RC Tech
20.02.2012 Ed Clark TITC Practice - RC Addict High Fast RC Tech
19.02.2012 Chris Currau Training - Antibes Medium Mixed C. Currau
19.02.2012 John Doucakis Greece Nats - FRT Low Mixed RC Tech
12.02.2012 Ed Clark TITC Practice - RC Addict High Technical RC Tech
05.02.2012 Ed Clark RC Indoor High Technical RC Tech
14.01.2012 Ed Clark RC Indoor High Mixed RC Tech
06.01.2012 Roberto Pezzini Melzo Medium Fast RC Tech
02.01.2012 Ed Clark RC Indoor High Technical RC Tech
13.11.2011 Sandy Iavazzo TFTR Medium Mixed Awesomatix
05.11.2011 Leonard Lai Meakin Park Raceway Low Mixed, Bumpy Awesomatix
Carpet Driver Event - Place Layout Traction Source
01.02.2015 Mark Burt (L/USVTA/25.5) Snowbirds Nationals Mixed Medium-High Awesomatix USA
13-18.10.2014 Kyle Klingforth (L/17.5) IIC - Las Vegas Mixed High Awesomatix USA
02.03.2014 Brent Klingforth (L/13.5-17.5)
Kyle Klingforth (L/17.5)
ROAR Nats - Omaha Technical-Mixed
J. Danilchik
Awesomatix USA
25-27.10.2013 Mike Gee (L USA Spec)
Karl Hoffmeister (L USA Spec/17.5)
Larry Fairtrace (L USA Spec/17.5)
John Choi (EXL/VTA)
Halloween Classic Mixed High Awesomatix USA
RC Tech
20.10.2013 Luke Hobson (17.5) EWS - southend Fast Medium L. Hobson
13.10.2013 Freddy Sudhoff (Mod/13.5)
Kyle Bergstorm (L/13.5/17.5)
Kyle Klingforth (L/17.5)
Mike Hanulec (L/13.5/17.5)
IIC - Las Vegas Fast High Awesomatix USA
05.10.2013 Larry Fairtrace Horsham Technical Medium-High Awesomatix USA
07.09.2013 Mike Gee MRH - Baltimore Technical Medium-High Awesomatix USA
01.09.2013 Matt Abey (17.5) MRH - Baltimore Technical Medium Awesomatix USA
31.08.2013 Brent Klingforth (17.5) 5280 Raceway - Denver Mixed High Awesomatix USA
26.05.2013 Jung Hyun Ahn (EXL) R1 GP Internats Champs - Ilsan High Mixed-Technical Awesomatix
05.05.2013 Manuel Henriet (EXL) Belgian Nats - Charleroi Low-Medium Mixed-Technical Awesomatix
26-28.04.2013 Dionys Stadler (EXL)
Freddy Sudoff (EXL)
Viljami Kutvonen (EXL)
LRP TCM - Althengstett Medium-High Mixed Awesomatix
23-24.03.2013 Hugo Ragaut (EXL) French Nats - Loos Medium Fast J. Jost
17.03.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL) FinTrack Tour - Mynamaki Medium Fast Awesomatix
16.03.2013 Frank Bortolazzo (EXL/17.5) Maech Madness - Richmond Medium-High Mixed F. Bortolazzo
08-10.03.2013 Korgae Scales (EXL/17.5) WCICS - Regina Medium Mixed Awesomatix
19.02.2013 Tom Maquel (EXL/Stock) Luxembourg Nats - RCCM Medium Technical T. Maquel
17.02.2013 Mike Gee (EXL) ROAR Regionals - Middle River Hobbies High Mixed Awesomatix
10.02.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL) FinTrack Tour - Laukaa Low Mixed Awesomatix
10.02.2013 Mark Dawson (EXL) ROAR Regionals - TQ Raceway High All Awesomatix
27.01.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL) Finnish Nats - Kuusankoski Low Mixed Awesomatix
19-20.01.2013 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL) ETS - Hrotovice High Mixed Awesomatix
Jan. 2012 Grem Francois (EXL/Stock) Modelifun - Heromnisport Low-Medium Mixed T. Maquel
15-16.12.2012 Tom Maquel (EXL/Stock) GP3F - Longwy High Mixed T. Maquel
11.11.2012 Gabriele Vignolini (L/13.5) Italian Indoor Nats - Scandiano High Technical Awesomatix
11.11.2012 Manuel Henriet (EXL) Modelifun Indoor Challenge - Namur High Mixed Awesomatix
11.11.2012 Jake Danilchik (L) Time zome II GP High Mixed-Fast Awesomatix
11.11.2012 Viljami Kutvonen (EXL) Tikkurila High Mixed Awesomatix
12-14.10.2012 Freddy Sudhoff
Dominic Vogl (Stock)
ETS - Muelheim-Kaerlich High Mixed Awesomatix
14-15.04.2012 Freddy Sudhoff ETS - Poznan High, bumpy Mixed Awesomatix
30.03-01.04.2012 Steen Graversen
Freddy Sudhoff
LRP TCM High Mixed Awesomatix
17-18.03.2012 Hugo Ragaut French Nats - Zillisheim Medium Mixed H. Ragaut
17-18.03.2012 Freddy Sudhoff German Nats - Gottingen RC Tech
18.03.2012 GabrieleVignolini (13.5) Scandiano Medium-High Technical RC Tech
26.02.2012 Viljami Kutvonen FTT Rd2 - Oulu Medium Mixed Awesomatix
29.01.2012 Freddy Sudhoff German Nats Warm Up - Göttingen Medium Mixed Awesomatix
24.01.2012 Steve Fowler (17.5) RC Niagara Indoor Medium Technical RC Tech
22.01.2012 GabrieleVignolini (13.5) ETS - Scandiano Medium Technical RC Tech
14.01.2012 Jake Danilchik (17.5) Ice Box Indoor - Seattle Technical Mixed RC Tech
08.01.2012 Steve Fowler (17.5) DHI Cup High Mixed Awesomatix
08.01.2012 Steve Fowler (17.5) RC Niagara Indoor Medium Mixed RC Tech
31.12.2011 Steve Fowler (17.5) Lou's Speedway High Mixed RC Tech
17-18.12.2011 Tom Maquel (Stock) GP3F - Longwy High Mixed Awesomatix
18.12.2011 Kirill Trofimov Tikkurila High Mixed Awesomatix
27.11.2011 Jake Danilchik (17.5) Seattle RC Racers Medium Technical RC Tech
27.11.2011 Kirill Trofimov Tikkurila Medium Mixed Awesomatix
27.11.2011 Mark Dawson Horsham Raceway
Middle River
Medium Mixed
RC Tech
20.11.2011 Mark Dawson 360 Raceway High Fast RC Tech
11-13.11.2011 Ivan Laptev Yatabe Arena Medium Technical Awesomatix
05-06.11.2011 Tom Maquel Longwy Medium Mixed Awesomatix
28-30.10.2011 Ivan Laptev (Open/ 10.5) ETS Mixed Technical Awesomatix
09.10.2011 Denis Zuykov Training - Moscow High Technical RC Tech
16.10.2011 Andreas Mundt (17.5) LRP-HPI Ch - Neu Wulmstorf High Mixed Awesomatix
04-08.10.2011 Steen Graversen (17.5) IIC - Las Vegas Mixed Technical Awesomatix
03.09.2011 Denis Zuykov Training - Moscow Low Technical Awesomatix

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