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Twenty-Two Series
Build Tips
Overview Mid-Motor Configuration Team Losi
Team Losi Big Bore Shocks Tips Team Losi
High Roll Center Shims Team Losi
Aftermarket Parts -TLR Option Parts - Which Should I Start With? -Option Parts
22 - Adjust Kick
Raising The Transmission Team Losi
TLR4167: Brass Weight System for rear motor Team Losi
Steering Link Ball Cups Team Losi
Front Body Mount Modification Team Losi
Video: Preparing Your TLR Car, Setting Your Ride Height & Camber, Build a TLR22 diff ...
2 Holes Piston
3 Holes Piston
TLR334000 Bleeder Cap O-Rings
Track Star RC Shock O-Rings Review J. Kirkwood
How-To Rebuild The Shocks
VTS Slipper Install S. Kelly

Lubricating Aluminum Idler Gear TLR

Low Frequency Springs TLR

Twenty Two & Twenty Two Truck
22 Matt Chambers setup adjustments
22 Frank Root's advices
22 & 22T 22 vs 22T Spindles
22 & 22T 22 & 22T Understand Roll Center Adjustments
22 & 22T 22 & 22T Mid-Motor ESC shelf modification

Twenty Two Truck
Rocket Front End Modification RER

Twenty-Two Short Course Truck
22SCT Steering Rack Modification
22SCT Steering Ball Cup Modification
22SCT Support Package