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What aftermarket parts do I need for my 22?

We receive a lot of requests of what aftermarket parts do racers truly need for their TLR 22. Even though the TLR 22 is a great 2wd buggy out of the box there are some parts that our race team likes to use on their cars to improve performance and durability. Here is a list of the parts that our team drivers prefer to run and short reasons and details of why they choose to do so.

TLR1043- Front King Pin, Threaded, TiNitride (2). Most of the team prefer these because they improve the durability of the spindles.

TLR1058-Caster Block, 5 Degree. Nearly the whole team runs 25 degree kick with 5 degree caster blocks.

TLR1072-Front Pivot, Aluminum: The main reason the team likes to run the aluminum front pivot is the added weight on the front end. The alumin pivot adds 7 grams of weight over the stock plastic pivot providing a smoother off-power feel and increased on-power steering. If you are interested in adding even more weight to the front of your 22 the (TLR1049)25 degree brass kick shim adds 8.8 grams of weight and the (TLR1048) 20 degree brass kick shim adds 16grams of weight.

TLR1555, 1556, 1557- Aluminum Servo Horn. TLR offers three of the aluminum servo horns to support all of the different servo splines. The aluminum servo horn increases durability over the stock servo arms. TLR1555 is a 23 spline and supports Airtronics, Spektrum, and JR. TLR1556 is a 24 spline and supports HiTec servos and TLR1557 is a 25 spline and supports Futaba servos.

TLR2056 Rear Outer Threaded Hinge Pins. If you don't want any e-clips on your 22.

TLR2060-Rear Camber Block, Aluminum-TLR offers this for added durability. The aluminum camber block offers superior durability and adds 6 grams off weight to the rear of the car aiding forward traction.

TLR2931-Rear Hex, +.75mm Width, Aluminum: The .75mm hexes widen the rear track of the car a total of 1.5mm allowing for increased stability. Some of the team will run +1.5mm hexes (TLR2932) for a total increase of 3mm track width for further enhanced stability.

TLR2946 Diff Nut, Gen II. These are the new diff nuts that have the metal insert molded into the diff nut. This is a must and will ensure an excellent diff build.

TLR2947 Tungsten Carbide Thrust Balls, 2mm (6). The 22 is equipped with steel balls. Granted these balls work fine, the tungsten balls are much harder and add longevity to the differential.

TLR2951 Tugnsten Carbide Diff Balls, 3/32" (14). The 22 is equipped with steel balls. Granted these balls work fine, the tungsten balls are much harder and add longevity to the differential.

TLR2984 Toe Plate, 3 Degree, Low Roll Center, Aluminum. As you already know the 22 comes equipped with a 4 degree rear toe pivot. Most of the team runs the 3 degree pivot allowing the car to be freer without taking away too much rear grip.

TLR4150 Battery Tray, Aluminum. This is not a necessity but the aluminum battery tray does allow you to move the battery 10mm forward in the short pack battery screw location. The 10mm forward location is exactly where our team runs the shorty pack.

TLR5074 Low Friction Shock Shaft O-Rings (8). If you want ultra free shocks with very little o-ring stiction these o-rings work the best. The challenge though is that you will have some oil weepage from the bottom of the shock cartridge and shock rebuilds are more important.

TLR6074 Titanium Turnbuckles, 22. If you are looking to save additional weight check out the 22 Titanium turnbuckle kit as well as the titanium shock mount kit, TLR4166.

Now if you are a mid motor fan check out the Brass weight system for the 22. TLR 4151 is specially designed brass weight system for the mid motor 22, this aftermarket part offers a convenient weight system that is attached with screws to the top of the transmission. The added weight aids in forward traction on the mid motor 22. The main weight is 50 grams but can be increased to 58 grams and 62 grams with attachable sub weights. The sub weights are in increments of 4 and 6 grams and can be screwed to the side of the main block to add more weight. Laser etched for easy identification of weights and TLR branding.