- Team Losi Racing 22 - Matt Chambers - Setup Adjustments -

Going off my base setup that has worked really well for me, these are the changes I play around with most (many of them are minor adjustments but produce subtle to*noticeable changes in handling):

  • Steering:
    - Front spring : typically red for smaller/tighter tracks, orange for higher speed or higher bite tracks
    - Front Spindle Location : running spindle higher acts similar to limiting the front shocks, a noticeable increase in mid corner to exit steering
    - Bump Steer washers : lowering the spindle ballstud provides a noticeable increase in steering response, raising is opposite and provide a more numb feeling to steering input
  • Shock Oil : I run 27.5 mostly as it has good entering and exiting steering balance, going to 25 makes my car more aggressive entering corners but can get overly aggressive, 30 is a little better for gaining steering on power out of corners.

  • Rear ballstud washers : I have my rear link raised 2mm on the hub and 2mm on the camber block. I have found that with the link lower the car drives a bit more square and doesn't have as much roll in the corners as when the link is raised up on both ends.

  • Ride height... Often overlooked but even half a turn on the collars up or down can make a big difference in traction and handling.
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