- Team Losi Racing 22 - Lubricating the aluminum idler gear -

When using the TLR Aluminum Idler Gear (TLR332009), we recommend using a small amount of grease to lubricate the gears. Doing so will decrease the wear on the mating layshaft and diff gear and this will give your transmission a longer life of smooth operation.

Make sure to clean the inside of the transmission and gears to remove any dirt and debris before installing the new idler gear.

We recommend using TLR Hi-Pressure Black Grease (TLR77000). Spread a thin layer of grease completely around the idler gear as shown.

Install the idler gear into the transmission and rotate the diff gear a few times until the grease is evenly distributed onto all the gears. You should see just a small thin layer of grease covering the gears. Once you are satisfied, assemble the remainder of the transmission and install back into your vehicle. You're now ready to race!