- Team Losi Racing 22 - VTS Slipper Install -

by Scott Kelly

The parts below are what is needed to complete the assembly. I've included optional parts and noted them with Asterisks**

Team Associated Factory Team "V2" Slipper Hub Set ASC7485 (only use on inner hub, VTS Outer Hub will be used) or **Team Associated Factory Team "V2" Vented Slipper Hub Set ASC7495 (I used this one, only on the inner Hub, VTS Outer Hub will be used)


**Vented Hub ASC7495

Associated Spur gear (84T) ASC9653

**JConcepts "Silent Speed" Machined Spur gear, JCI2099 (I used this)

Team Associated Slipper Pad, ASC9603 or **Team Associated Factory Team High Torque Slipper Pad, ASC91170 (I used the Factory Team High Torque Slipper Pad)


**High Torque Slipper Pad ASC91170

VTS Slipper Kit ASC91175

Team Associated Slipper "V2" Slipper Spring and Washer Set, ASC7486

Ok, Here's the pix and steps, easy and simple:

Step 1, Install Slipper Inner Hub, ASC7485 or **ASC7495:

Step 2, Install Slipper Pad onto Spur gear:

Step 3, Install Spur gear with Slipper Pad in place onto Slipper Shaft:

Step 4, Assembling the VTS Slipper:

Place VTS Slipper Pad #1 into VTS Slipper Housing

Place VTS Slipper Plate on top of VTS Slipper Pad

Place VTS Slipper Pad #2 into VTS Slipper Housing

Install VTS Outer Hub

Back side of VTS Outer Hub

Front side of VTS Outer Hub

Place the VTS Outer Hub into the assembly (must match the oval on backside with the oval from the Slipper Plate)

Front Side of Slipper Assembly

Backside of Slipper assembly

Step 5, Install VTS Slipper onto Spur Gear:

Notice the Spur gear has the recessed area for a slipper pad to fit into, just like when you installed the Slipper Pad into the Spur gear on the other side. The VTS Slipper Assembly will fit into where the outer Slipper Pad normally would sit.

Slip VTS Assembly into place onto the Spur Gear

Step 6, Install Slipper Spring:

Step 7, Install Slipper Spring Washer:

Bevel side in, flat side out

In place

Step 8, Slipper Nut (MUST USE TLR NUT!!! AE Nuts will not fit the TLR Slipper Shaft)

This TLR Slipper Tool makes adjusting the Slipper with or without wheels on extremely easy!

Step 9, Installing Gear Cover. You will need to shim the cover to have the appropriate spacing so it wont bind with the Spur Gear. I've seen different methods on how to do this, I run on packed clay tracks, so getting debris into the gears isn't a concern for me, others may use another method or add some type of gasket to fill the space left between the motor plate and the gear cover. I glued 3 2mm plastic spacers together and glued them to the gear cover where the screws go in to hold the gear cover in place on the motor plate. You may or may not need more spacers, I dremeled the inside of my gear cover for clearance issues back when I had the Avid setup on here, so I can't tell you whether or not you'll need to do the same:


S. Kelly