- Team Losi Racing 22 & 22T - Understand Roll Center Adjustments -

The Team Losi Racing 22 Buggy and 22T Stadium Truck both offer exceptional out-of-the-box performance and tuning options. One tuning option that can be both extremely useful and extremely confusing surrounds changing what's call the roll center. Roll center refers to both the distance between your lower suspension mount and the upper ball stud mount and the distance between the lower suspension mount and the ground. There are two common references to the roll center, either high or low. In the USA, most racers have found the low roll center to be the way to go with both the 22 buggy and 22T truck, but in Europe, high roll centers tend to be more preferred. Todd Hodge was one of the key people that helped make the 22 and 22T a reality. He spent some time with us to discuss what roll center is, how it works and why it's important. He also talked with us about the importance of anti-squat and pro-squat, and how all of these adjustments change the handling characteristics of your racecar.