- Team Losi Racing 22SCT - Steering Ball Cup Modification -

The TLR 22SCT will be shipping to racers very soon. As we learn more about the TLR 22SCT we will share information on the TLR blog that will improve performance of the 22SCT providing a better experience for racers.

The first tech tip we would like to discuss is the steering ball cups.
We have found that under extreme conditions the steering ball cups, the link and ball cup assembly that connects from the steering rack to the spindle, may pop off from time to time under heavy impacts.
We have came up with a quick solution that eliminates the ball cups from coming off during these extreme conditions. The solution is to remove .6mm from each of the ball cups. This is done using new Xacto blade and cutting away from yourself as illustrated below.

Here is a picture of a trimmed HD ball cup (top) and a stock HD ballcup bottom.