- How-To Rebuild The Shocks on Your 22 Buggy, 22T Truck or 22SCT -

Team Losi Racing incorporated a number of innovative changes into the original 22 buggy that were also carried over to the 22T stadium truck. From the dual motor placement options, metric hardware, aluminum chassis and more, these are two cutting-edge vehicles. One of the biggest improvements, both figuratively and literally, was the new big bore shock design that was easier to bleed and provided a more plush suspension than 1/10-scale vehicles were used to. When the 22 was released it came with a bladder in the top of the shock. Racers soon modified this, modifying the bladder to simply create a seal similar to an O-ring, therein creating an emulsion shock. This provided a smoother shock with less rebound. With the release of the 22 RTR and 22T RTR from Losi, new molded shock caps were introduced that incorporated an O-ring seal between the cap and body but also included a bleeder screw to make it easier to bleed the shocks. Once racers learned about this option, many swapped out the stock aluminum caps with these bleeder caps, simply because of how much easier it was to get consistent shock performance on their 22 and 22T race vehicles.

Team Losi Racing has taken note of how many drivers, including many of their own team drivers, have been installing these molded bleeder caps on their race vehicles. Team Losi Racing has evolved the molded bleeder caps into super-dialed aluminum units. Unlike their molded counterparts these aluminum shock caps won’t stretch, stress or fatigue. Plus, the aluminum caps also feature the TLR® logo prominently, unlike the molded caps, maintaining that high-end look of the stock shock caps. These units work so well that Team Losi Racing has even included these as standard components on the 22SCT.

Installing these shock caps literally changes the type of damper it is, from bladder to an emulsion design. As such the assembly and bleeding process are slightly different from the stock 22 and 22T shocks. While building a Team Losi Racing 22SCT for review, we took some time to show you how to build and bleed these caps and the emulsion shocks. We think you’ll agree that, if anything, this makes it easier for you to build and bleed your shocks. We also provide some tips on how to ensure your shocks are the same length and filled with equal levels of oil too.