- Team Losi Racing 22 - Frank Root - Advices -

1. I always thought by running a bigger spur, moving the motor back that you would have more traction.Is it different with the 22? I did notice about the same amount of traction as with a 76 spur.

1. More weight behind the rear axles will create more forward grip in a straight line. But more rear weight behind the axles will also cause an increase in the pendulum effect with which the weight behind the rotation point (front wheels) tries to swing around and can cause over rotation. This will make the car “looser” feeling. Sometimes the rear end grip can match the front end grip and keep the pendulum effect from culminating in a slide until the rear end grip of the tire is exceeded by the addition force of the tires attempting to accelerate. At this point, the pull of the accelerating tire paired with the pendulum effect becomes more than the grip of the tires against the dirt can support and a slide of the rear end may begin.

2. On your setup, could you explain rear hub placement? Why do you put 3mm in front and 1 mm in back and what does this do?

2. When you move the hubs back, you take more weight off the rear end, but you also "straighten" out the bones which causes less bone bind. This allows the rear suspension to move more freely under acceleration and will cause the rear to squat more, generally providing more forward grip. I believe a longer wheelbase is also more stable off-power especially at higher speeds.

3. Why for the reedy race did you change the rear shock top placement and do you need to compensate with differnt springs or oil? What do you notice about leaning the top of the shock in more?

3. I have been running the top of my shock in for a few weeks. I have been trying to get the rear end to roll a touch more without moving to a softer spring, and this change has helped. Think of leaning the shock in as softening the spring and oil a small amount, like a "half change". Standing it up has the opposite effect.

4. Do you recommend the new brass weight system for rear motor and what effects would i notice by running it.

4. I do run the brass weight system sometimes, it depends on the grip of the track. It is easy to add/remove, so I tune with it from track to track. I usually run it at OCRC, but not at WCRC. It will "soften" the rear a little bit for increase roll and forward grip.