- Team Losi Racing 22 - High Roll Center Shims -

Some racers may or may not know this but there are two different sets of anti-squat shims for the TLR 22 and 22T. The shims that come in the 22 and 22T are labeled as "22T". These are the shims for low roll center, and support all rear toe pivots that are labelled LRC. The part number for these shims is TLR2044. To support the high roll center rear toe blocks you will need the HRC shims. The part number for these shims is TLR 2045 and these shims support all HRC rear toe pivots. This includes part numbers TLR2979, 2980, 2981, & 2982.

Now you may ask yourself, "What's the difference in roll center height and how does it affect my vehicle?"

The difference between high and low roll center is 1mm. This means that the inner hinge pin is 1mm higher when using the HRC blocks and shims or vice versa.

We found on the 22 and the 22T that we prefer low roll center on the rear motor car while the team in the UK prefers high roll center (mid motor). One of the main changes going to a high roll center does to the car is it raises the roll center which ultimately makes the car roll less. A lower roll center allows the car to roll more. Another key factor that we must remind you is that with low roll center you are inducing more dogbone plunge into the out drive. More dogbone plunge creates more mechanical bind and gives the car more grip. With high roll center the car has less dogbone plunge resulting in less mechanical bind.