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Things to look over before a race.

- Setting your ride height and camber -

- Building a TLR 22 Diff -

- Building TLR 22 Shock -

- Updated Shock Building Video with Dustin Evans -

- Team Losi Racing Shock Tips -

- Turnbuckle Tips for The 22 Platform Vehicles -

Don't you hate sometimes when you put turnbuckles together and they seem tight, then when you adjust them they just pop off! Well, we have a fix for that! Just a couple of easy steps when putting the ball cups on the turnbuckle can fix all your problems and make adjusting the camber a breeze.

- Building Drive Shafts for The 22 Platform Vehicles -

Building CVA drive shafts are relatively simple but there are a couple of key things we would like to point out when building a set of CVA drive shafts together.