- Team Losi Racing 22 & 22T - TLR4167: Brass Weight System for rear motor -

TLR has just announced and released a new rear motor brass weight system, TLR 4167, for the TLR line of 22 vehicles. The new brass weight system allows racers to add a total of 14 grams of weight, in 7 gram increments, to the top of the transmission. TLR4167 comes with two 16mm button head screws to secure the two 7 gram brass weights plates. The brass plates are laser etched with the weight of the brass weight and the TLR logo. The added weight to the rear of the vehicle provides more forward traction when exiting a turn. TLR has found that less weight is needed when mounted on top of the transmission compared to mounting the weight between the bulkhead and transmission case. The location of the weights also allows for easy access for quick tuning.