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Double-X4 Manual - Double-X4WE Addendum Team Losi
Double-X4WE Exploded View Team Losi
Building & Setup tips - Helger Racing Helger Racing
Dan Hissam - Tech Tips Beau S
Team Losi XX4 "Worlds Edition" (1999) OverRC
Blank Setup Sheet
Double-X4WE Editable Setup Sheet Arn0
Double-X4WE Blank Setup Sheet Team Losi
Double-X4 Blank
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
Steering Bellcrank Modification
Windy 99's Double X4WE
Olivier Langlet's Double X4WE
Josh Rose's Double X4WE
Glenn Carlson's Double X4WE
Double X4WE - Brushless and LiPo setup
Double X4WE with Schumacher Arms
Double X4WE with 22 Rear End
Double X4WE with 22 Mid-Rear End Modification
TLR22 wheels on XX4WE
Double X4WE updated
Penguin RC Shock Tower Brace
Advice to setup Big Bore shocks on astroturf and grass tracks Oople
Advice to setup Big Bore shocks on medium/high traction Clay/Hardpack Tracks Beau S.
Reversible XX4 Rear-End Modification Beau S.
Standard Setup

Jesse Robbers Standard Setup Losibk2
Double-X4WE Hodge Standard (Outdoor Open Smooth) Team Losi
Double-X4WE UK-Tracks Doughty UK
Double-X4WE Tiverton - Good Starter @ Tiverton Oople
Double-X4WE Jesse Robbers Setup with Triple X-CR Rear End
Danny McGee - General Starting Setup Oople
Ashley Williams - General Starting Setup Oople
Brian Preddy Brian Preddy
Beau Strotman (high traction/blue-black groove/clay/hardpacked) RC Tech

Astroturf Driver Car - Event - Place (Lay0ut) Composition Surface Source
Ian Southwell Kidderminster Astroturf Oople
05.07.2009 Simon Reeves Belgium GP - Kampenhout Astroturf Smooth
Blue Groove
18.06.2013 Beau S Blue Groove Smooth, Med-High RC Tech
5/08/2004 Chris Doyle DoubleX4 - European Champs - Collegno, Italia (Outdoor Tight) Blue Groove Rough Grip RC
5/06/2004 Cyril Achard DoubleX4 - French Nats - Verzon (Outdoor Open) Blue Groove Grip RC
20/08/2000 Brian Kinwald Double-X4WE ROAR Nats
Dalton Raceway (Indoor Open Smooth)
Blue Groove RCZone
23/07/2000 Chris Bridgewater ROAR-Stock-Nats - (Outdoor Open Rough) Blue Groove Team Losi
17-18/01/2000 Todd Hodge Double-X4WE - MnM-Hobbies
Reedy Race (Indoor Open Smooth)
Blue Groove Team Losi
6-7/03/2004 Lionel Trebern DoubleX4 - French Nats Cluses (Indoor) Carpet Grip RC
22-23/11/2003 Lionel Trebern DoubleX4 - French Cup St Vaast (Indoor) Carpet Smooth Grip RC

18-19/11/2000 Thibault Dubus Double-X4 - French Champions Cup - Fleury les Aubrais (Indoor Open) Carpet Smooth Petit RC
04/08/1998 ScottBrown ROAR Nats, HobbyTown RCCA
28/07/2007 Tom Cockerill 2007 EC - Vaasa, Finland Smooth Oople
14-15/04/2007 Mathew Latham DoubleX4WE - BRCA Nats Tiverton Clay can become very bumpy Hobbytec - Race Report

10.05.2009 Danny McGee DoubleX4WE - Talywain Grass Rough Oople / Petit RC
20/05/2007 Mathew Latham DoubleX4WE - Bury Metro* Slick Grass Rough Hobbytec
30/04/2007 Mathew Latham DoubleX4WE - Bury Metro* Slick Grass - Dry Rough Hobbytec

28/01/2007 Mathew Latham DoubleX4WE - Bury Metro Slick Grass Rough Hobbytec

00/00/2007 Jim Brotherton DoubleX4WE - Lawford Grass Rough Oople
25/04/2006 Tom Cockerill Double-X4WE BRCA Nats Batley - (Outdoor) Lots of grass, some Astrosturf Big jumps, dirt corner Oople race report
22-23/05/2004 Lionel Terbern DoubleX4 EFRA GP Montigny le Btx Grass Grip RC
17/09/2000 Guillume Dubois Double-X4 - French Cup St Denis de l'hôtel (Outdoor Open) Grass Rough Petit RC
01/04/2000 Geoffrey Petit Double-X4 - French Nats Rd2 Montigny le Btx (Outdoor Open) Grass Smooth Petit RC
05/06/1999 Geoffrey Petit Double-X4 - French Nats Rd4 St Denis de l'hôtel (Outdoor Open) Grass Rough Petit RC
8-9/05/1999 Geoffrey Petit Double-X4 - French Nats Rd3 Zillisheim (Outdoor Open) Grass Petit RC
High Bite
07/01/2007 Mattew Latham DoubleX4WE - Worksop Indoors (Tight) High Bite - dry Hobbytec
12/11/2006 TonyTruman Double-X4WE - Kidderminster (Outdoor Open) High Bite - dry Rough Helger Racing
27/02/2001 Jukka Steenari Double-X4WE - Winter Nats West Coast R/C Club, Tampa, Fl (Outdoor Open) High Bite / loose dirt Rough
23/07/2000 Jukka Steenari
Peter Pinish
Double-X4WE - European Championships - Trelleborg /Sweden (Outdoor Open) High Bite Rough Petit RC
16/07/2006 Matthew Latham Double-X4WE - BRCA Nats Oswestry (Outdoor Open) Loose Dirt (1/2 hard packed Grass, 1/2 hard packed Dirt) Smooth Hobbytec
6/06/2000 Guillaume Dubois Double-X4 - French Nats Rd4 - Vierzon (Outdoor Open) Loose Dirt Extra Rough Petit RC
7/05/2000 Geoffrey Petit Double-X4WE - French Nats Rd3 - Antibes (Outdoor Open) Loose Dirt Smooth Petit RC
Brian Preddy CML Raceway Astrotruf / Tarmac Oople & Doughty UK
21/01/2007 Tom Cockerill Double X4 York Regional - PDF Carpet / Indoor floor Helger Racing
Race report & pics
01/2007 Mark Redmond Double-X4 Southport Indoor NW GP Formby High School (very technical) Carpet, Plastic sheeting, Wood Helger Racing Race report

2006 Richard Taylor Double-X4WE - Southport Helger Racing

2006 Brian Preddy Double-X4WE - Stotfold Helger Racing

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