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B74 Manual Associated
B74 Parts List
B74, Why? R. Munday
Tuning Tips
B74 Features & Pictures
B74 Step-By-Step Build Ruddog Dist.
B74.1 & B74.1D Manual
B74.1 Features & Pictures
B74.1 Tuning Parts Guide R. Munday
B74.1 Build D. Briggs
Shock Piston/Oil Quick Reference Chart R. Munday
Shock Length Quick Reference Chart R. Munday
Roll Centre Tuning Quick Reference Chart R. Munday
92011 Arm Mount Inserts Pill Chart
B74.1 Rear Arm Mount Inserts Calculator: Front & Rear
Blank Setup Sheet
B74 - Editable Setup Sheet
B74.1 - Editable Setup Sheet
Tips & Tricks
Weight Transfer Fundamental
B74 Electronics Setups
Tapered & Flat Piston Differences
JConcepts Steering Upgrade
Weight Reduction R. Munday
B74.1 Matthew Gonzales Setup Advice M. Gonzales
Ray Munday Review
Spencer Rivkin Tips & Tricks
Base Setup
B74 Kit Setup
Mark Redmond B74 Carpet Starting Setup (Low & High Traction) M. Redmond
Blake Champlin B74 Base Carpet Setup Associated
Kurt Wenger Base Setup Associated
B74.1 Kit Setup
B74.1D Kit Setup
B74.1D Ray Munday Outdoor Dirt Base Setup

Astroturf Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
11-12.06.2022 Jesper Rasmussen (.1) DRCMU - Carpet Medium J. Rasmussen
21-22.05.2022 Charlie Saunders (.1) BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf Low-Medium CML
21-22.05.2022 Neil Cragg (.1) BRCA Nats - Southport Astroturf CML
16-17.04.2022 Tommy Hall (.1) BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Medium Bumpy CML
08.11.2021 Yoshio Ohtsuka (.1) OCK - Kanuma Astroturf Very High Team AJ
09-10.10.2021 Clement Boda (.1) French Cup - Mutzig Astroturf Medium Bumpy-Smooth S. Mure
25-26.09.2021 Clement Boda (.1) French Nats - Fenouillet Astroturf Medium Smooth S. Mure
04-05.09.2021 Ben Jemison (.1) RHR GP Astroturf High Bumpy S. Jemison
06-08.08.2021 Clement Boda (.1) EOS - Andernach Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy S. Mure
31.07/01.08.2021 Jesper Rasmussen (.1) LRP Race - Kongen Carpet Medium-High Bumpy J. Rasmussen
01.08.2021 Ryan Clarke (.1) DCMMC - NERC Astroturf Low-Medium Smooth CML
25.07.2021 Charlie Saunders (.1) SOOMS - Mendip Astroturf High Bumpy CML
18.07.2021 Chris Boden (.1) Supercross - Coventry Astroturf Bumpy CML
04.07.2021 Charlie Saunders (.1) SOOMS - Telford Astroturf Low (Wet) Bumpy CML
19-20.06.2021 Clement Boda (.1) French Nats - Grenoble Astroturf Medium S. Boda
13.06.2021 Ryan Clarke (.1) NERC Astroturf Low-Medium Bumpy CML
30.05.2021 Alexander Landen (.1) Green Hill Astroturf Medium Bumpy A. Landen
27.09.2020 Ryan Clarke Broxtowe Astroturf Low-Medium Bumpy CML
04-06.09.2020 Jesper Rasmussen
Marcel Schneider
EOS - Andernach Astroturf High-Very High Bumpy J. Rasmussen
Ruddog Dist.
05.09.2020 Darren Johnston Belmont Astroturf High-Very High Bumpy Associated Aus.
15.08.2020 Alexander Landen Summer Cup - Lovsta Astroturf Low Bumpy A. Landen
13.07.2020 Alexander Landen Test - Jonsered Astroturf Very High A. Landen
12.07.2020 Charlie Saunders Telford Astroturf Medium Bumpy N. Saunders
22.06.2020 Roger Mills Test - Kidderminster Astroturf/Multisurface Medium-High CML
04.02.2020 Tyler Davis (13.5) Larry Perf. RC Astroturf High Smooth T. Davis
03-04.08.2019 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - Boughton Astroturf Low CML
04.06.2019 Peter Stein Norway Nats - Mara Astroturf Medium-High Bumpy P. Stein
29-30.06.2019 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - TORCH Carpet Medium CML
16.06.2019 Edward Callen Batley Astroturf Medium Bumpy CML
08-09.06.2019 Clement Boda French Nats - Dammartin Astroturf High C. Boda
17-19.05.2019 Joona Haatanen EOS - Arena 33 Astroturf Low Bumpy Associated
11-12.05.2019 Neil Cragg BRCA Nats - Kidderminster Astroturf High Bumpy Associated
Clay/Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
19.06.2022 Doug Lariviere (.3) Champ Stadium Dirt Medium Bumpy K. Kato
09.04.2022 Doug Lariviere (.3/13.5) JBRL - Rainmans Dirt Medium Bumpy-Grooved D. Lariviere
08-09.01.2022 Enzo Albertoni (.1) CRCRC - The Factory Hard Packed Medium-High Bumpy-Grooved E. Albertoni
14.11.2021 Kouki Kato (.1) Champ Stadium Dirt Medium K. Kato
24.10.2021 Jack McMillan (.1) ORF - Adelaide Dirt Low-Medium Smooth AE Australia
16-17.10.2021 Kurt Wenger (.1) BK Klassic - Chandler Hard Packed Very High Grooved Schelle
03-04.10.2021 David Batta (.1/13.5) INS - Hoosier Hobbyplex Dirt Very High Grooved-Smooth D. Batta
02.10.2021 Stephen Hernandez (.1) SFOCS - Coral Springs Dirt Medium Bumpy-Grooved S. Hernandez
26.09.2021 Aydin Horne (.1) FTR Invit - RC One Dirt Medium Grooved-Smooth A. Horne
04-05.09.2021 Jake Thayer (.1/13.5) Surf City - OCRC Dirt High 1Up Racing
10-11.07.2021 Clement Boda (.1) French Nats - Apt Dirt Low S. Boda
09.06.2021 Kouki Kato (.1) Champ Stadium Dirt Medium K. Kato
25.05.2021 Aydin Horne Xact Ch. - OCRC Hard Packed High Grooved Associated
14-15.05.2021 Team Drivers NSW State Titles - Castle Hill Dirt Medium Grooved AE Australia
24-25.04.2021 Matthew Gonzales (.1/13.5) Xact Ch. - OCRC Dirt Medium-High Bumpy M. Gonzales
18.04.2021 Aydin Horne (.1) April Fool - IRCR Dirt High-Very High Smooth Associated
10.04.2021 Cole Tollard (.1) U.S. Bug Champ - Trackside Hard Packed Medium-High Bumpy C. Tollard
03.04.2021 Matthew Gonzales (.1/13.5) SDRC Hard Packed Medium Grooved M. Gonzales
07.02.2021 Aydin Horne (.1) INS - Hobbyplex Hard Packed High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
10.01.2021 Spencer Rivkin (.1) CRCRC Dirt Very High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
10.01.2021 Matthew Gonzales (.1/13.5) CRCRC Hard Packed High Bumpy 1Up Racing
25.10.2020 Spencer Rivkin (.1)
Brent Thielke (.1)
MoD - Myrthe Beach Hard Packed High Grooved
17.10.2020 Ron DeVoll (.1) JBRL - SDRC Hard Packed High Grooved-Smooth Associated
11.10.2020 Dustin Evans (.1) MOHR Hard Packed High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
04.10.2020 Lachlan Donnelly Hills Hard Packed Medium Bumpy Associated Aus.
Aug. 2020 Spencer Rivkin (.1)
Aydin Horne (.1)
Brent Thielke (.1)
OCRC Hard Packed High Grooved Associated
Aug. 2020 Lachlan Donnelly Ryde Cup - Sydney Hard Packed Medium Associated Aus.
26.07.2020 William Bennett (13.5) TRCR Hard Packed Medium-High Bumpy Spectacle Eng.
07-09.02.2020 Lachlan Munday
Lachlan Donnelly
Paul Masson (13.5)
Keilor Invitational Hard Packed Medium
R. Munday
10-12.01.2020 Spencer Rivkin MidWest Champ - CRCRC Dirt Associated
27.12.2019 Lachlan Munday Test - Keilor Dirt Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
10.11.2019 Doug Lariviere AE Race - Trackside Hard Packed High Smooth Associated
28-29.09.2019 Doug Lariviere Top Gun - NorCal Hard Packed High Bumpy D. Lariviere
03-04.08.2019 Ray Munday Vic Champs - Wodonga Hard Packed Low-Medium Bumpy-Grooved R. Munday
22-26.07.2019 Joona Haatanen EC - Pinerolo Dirt Associated
14.07.2019 Spencer Rivkin INS - Hobby Action Dirt High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
July 2019 Spencer Rivkin Test - Hobby Action Dirt High Bumpy-Grooved Associated
05.07.2019 Jesse Granat (13.5) Road Runners RC Dirt Medium J. Granat
06-07.07.2019 Ray/Lachlan Munday Shepparton Hard Packed Medium Bumpy-Grooved-Smooth R. Munday
19.06.2019 Jesse Granat Road Runners RC Dirt Medium Bumpy J. Granat
09.06.2019 Karri Salmela Vaasa Dirt Low-Medium Grooved-Smooth K. Salmela
31.05.2019 Jesse Granat Road Runners RC Dirt Medium Bumpy J. Granat
19.05.2019 Dustin Evans INS - TRCR Hard Packed High Smooth Associated
Grass Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
May 2021 Daniel Pole (.1) Club Series - Stonehaven Grass Medium-High Bumpy D. Pole
Indoor Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
22.05.2022 Spencer Rivkin (.1)
Robert Bakoczy (.1/13.5)
INS - Albany Carpet High Smooth Associated
Vision Racing
05.02.2022 Marcus Kaerup (.1) EOS - Kongen Carpet Medium J. Kaerup
28-30.01.2022 Jesper Rasmussen (.1) EOS - Daun Carpet High Grooved J. Rasmussen
05.12.2021 Naoya Morita (.1/17.5) RC Maniax Carpet High Team AJ
28.11.2021 Neil Cragg (.1) Worksop Multi Surface Medium CML
28.11.2021 Alexander Landen (.1/Foam) Swedish Cup - DR Arena Carpet High A. Landen
23.11.2021 Kouki Kato (.1) Tsukuba Arena Carpet High K. Kato
20-21.11.2021 Clement Boda (.1) EIR - Charleroi Medium S. Mure
17.10.2021 Jamie Hall (.1) SIOM - Worksop Medium CML
11.07.2021 Kouki Kato (.1) Tsukuba Arena Carpet High K. Kato
03.10.2021 Dustin Evans (.1)
Doug Lariviere (.1)
WCCC - Portland Carpet High Smooth Associated
04.07.2021 Kouki Kato (.1) Tsukuba Arena Carpet High K. Kato
19-20.06.2021 Kouki Kato (.1) Tsukuba Arena Carpet High K. Kato
18.04.2021 Harley Yoshi (.1) NCTS - Albany Carpet High Smooth Vision Racing
21.03.2021 Spencer Rivkin (.1) INS - Las Vegas Carpet
06.03.2021 Denis Zuykov (.1) MRC Cup - Pushkino Astroturf Low D. Zuykov
23.10.2020 Clement Boda (.1) Charleroi Carpet Medium C. Boda
11.10.2020 Broc Champlin (.1) Las Vegas Carpet High Associated
04.10.2020 Alexander Landen Swedish Cup - Viskafors Carpet Medium-High Bumpy G. Landen
19.07.2020 Jared Phair Cruzin W RC Astroturf High-Very High Bumpy J. Phair
01.03.2020 Ryan Reavis NorthWest Hobbies Carpet High-Very High Smooth Vision Eng.
08.02.2020 Blake Champlin Las Vegas Carpet High Smooth Associated
18.01.2020 Charles Krontiris Buggy Blitz - West Bridgeford Carpet High-Very High C. Krontiris
03-04.01.2020 Clement Boda
Florent Gallot
Charleroi Carpet Medium C. Boda
F. Gallot
22.12.2019 Mark Redmond WS - Chadderton Carpet High-Very High M. Redmond
23-24.11.2019 Clement Boda Champs Cup - Colombier-Saugnier Carpet Medium CML
10.11.2019 Ryan Clarke NEAM Carpet High CML
27.10.2019 Broc Champlin INS - Thunder Road Carpet Medium Smooth Associated
23-24.10.2019 Daniel Pole Falkirk Carpet Medium Smooth CML
02.06.2019 Steve Charles Cruizin w RC Astroturf S. Charles
12-14.04.2019 Broc Champlain
Dustin Evans
INS - Albany Carpet Very High Smooth Associated
24.03.2019 Broc Champlain INS - Las Vegas Carpet Very High Smooth Associated
Soft Dirt Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source
Miscellaneous Driver Event - Place Composition Traction Surface Source

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