Lachlan Munday RC Racer and I have been working very hard on the B74 setup since returning from the IFMAR world titles in Slovakia. We have made some major gains since then and would like to share our latest setup for you to try.

A couple of comments:

  • Stiff rear spring (v2 yellow) and soft rear bar / no front bar has helped gain steering, stability and jump landing. This setup still rides bumps really well.
  • Additional rear toe in (c block 1 in) has helped a lot with rear stability on turn in and exit. We found the rear toe was less than 3deg in kit mid/mid position, this changes addresses that.
  • Remove all bumpsteer washers and raised the rack 1mm. This makes the car more consistent throughout the corner.
  • 66mm rear bones are more consistent rear traction on corner exit in bumps.
  • If the track has bumpy corners and you are using pin tyres, the Bezerk RC half hole out front tower will smooth the steering out a lot and let you be more aggressive with the car. Kit tower is more mid corner steering on a smooth track.
  • We also use +1mm Ackermann plates from Bezerk for more mid corner rotation.
  • Diff setup 7/200/3 - the thinner rear diff oil gives great rotation off power and stability on power.
This setup works particularly well with the JConcepts Sprinters tyres which are fantastic in all conditions we have tested in!

Forgot to add this setup has a LOT of steering. If you are running on a grippy track and its a little too much in the high speed corners, try the thinnest front bar (1.0mm). But first try driving it in fast corners with a little throttle on, the front will pull it through the corner and the rear will follow.

Items needed to complete this setup
  • Bezerk B74 front shock tower
  • Bezerk B74 Plus 1 Steering Arm
  • Team associated RC10B74 CVA BONE, 66mm
  • Team associated RC10B74 REAR CVA AXLE, 66mm
  • Team associated RC10B74 DIFFERENTIAL SET, CENTER
  • Team Associated Rear Shock Springs, yellow, 2.30 lb in, L61mm
  • Team Associated Silicone Shock Oil 30 Weight
  • Team Associated Silicone Shock Oil 40 Weight
  • Team Associated Silicone Diff Oil 200000 Weight
  • Team Associated Silicone Diff Oil 3000 Weight
  • Team Associated Silicone Diff Oil 7000 Weight
  • Team associated RC10B74 ANTI-ROLL BAR SET


R. Munday