If you're like me, you can't get enough info about the new #TeamAssociated #B74 4wd!! AE have released the new parts listing and JConcepts Inc posted a video with AE team manager Brent Thielke explaining some of the new features (below).

Alot of the changes have been aimed at the high traction / carpet racing scene but most if not all changes should help on dirt as well.

For the B74 there is only one version being released, rather than dirt / carpet specific versions, so here are my thoughts as an outdoors dirt racer:

  • Slipper clutch is standard to suit 13.5 clay / mod carpet with a centre diff optional. Ive always found the 64 better with a centre diff on dirt (better turn in and rotation) but apparently the 74 has a lot of steering so will test both slipper and centre diff asap on our tracks. Note the new slipper has 72 and 78 tooth spur options.
  • you dont have to change centre driveshaft length for the centre diff / slipper now. The centre shafts also have cva ends. The drivetrain is impressively free in the video

  • diff internals are the same as the b64, meaning 13.5 runners can use the plastic lightweight diff gears
  • the shocks are longer frt and rear. The frt has gone from 23mm body / 23 mm shaft to all new 24/24. The rear has gone from 27.5 /27.5 to 31/29 (all new 29mm shafts). We ran the longer 31mm rear bodies to ride the bumps better and the car always liked extra droop so this should give us an even wider tuning range.
  • rear c/d blocks are mounted to the chassis and look to be similar height to the b64 HRC(high roll centre) blocks which we liked to run on our cars
  • the kit includes sway bars suitable for dirt and carpet, and the kit springs are similar / slightly firmer than our dirt setups.
  • the kit includes machined 'thin' pistons. Interested to try these on a bumpy track, theoretically less pack.
  • the diff height adjustment is new for us. Not something ive played with much and not sure if it will give us extra performance on dirt but apparently running the diffs high on carpet is a big help. The video shows how easy it is to change
  • steering geometry seems similar to the V2 rack and is an alloy part which helps durability and was one of the must haves for the 64.
  • The chassis layout is changed with a backbone style brace. Looks neat
  • there are some interesting options including double joint frt driveshafts and 2 different length rear cva. The frt hub is also available with 1deg tuning options (9 kit, 8 and 10 option)
  • lots of other detail changes in the car such as larger frt wheel bearings which should help durability
  • the diff caps have a screw hole and a front wing scoop is listed, presumably it bolts into this area.
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