:: B74 Outdoors Setup ::

I've had the chance to run the B74 on a couple of outdoor tracks now. The setup is still a work in progress but this is what we used this weekend. Overall the car has more steering, lands better and is more efficient.

It's a much more responsive car than the B64 in terms of setup with even small changes making a big difference. We are learning every run but a few key changes that have worked on our tracks:

  • its very sensitive to bumpsteer. I currently like 2 in / 1 out.
  • we've found a firmer rear swaybar (1.6mm, included in the kit) locks the back end in more especially on exit. A higher rear roll centre also helped.
  • the kit springs are working well for us, but we've added a bit more droop
  • i've only done a little work with chassis flex. Taking out the 2 screws at the rear 'T' of the rear carbon chassis brace gave the car a lot more rear grip especially in lower grip / bumpy tracks
  • we are running a narrower front track. The car seems to like the b pill low, and weve moved the a pill up to add a little extra caster which has smoothed out turn steering on bumpy tracks
  • diff height is a really sensitive tuning tool. Raising the diff height adds mid corner grip to that end of the car. So far ive liked the balance at front 0/ rear +1mm.
  • main option part is the centre diff which makes the car turn in better and accelerate smoother out of corners.
  • rear camber link length varies by track, longer link (1mm or 0mm spacer) is good on smooth tracks with long corners, shorter link (3mm spacer) is good on softer tracks / change of direction.

I do (corner weight) when i build the car to check for left / right and fore / aft balance. The B74 was super close with the Reedy electronics


R. Munday